Max Factory 1/8 Yuki Nagato

Art thou hear the angels sing, Yuki has come home today. And her fans will live forever more, because of St Nagato-chi. My most anticipated (and, so far, only) figurine purchase for 2007 has finally arrived!!

Really really pleased with this figurine. Her poses are not dynamic but that captures the feeling of Yuki all the more strongly. Sculpt, facial expression, detailing, painting are all without any significant problems. I can’t really say that I prefer Witch Hat mode over Reading mode. Both are lovely. I did have some initial apprehension about changing between modes because that involved detaching her head but have gotten used to doing it safely and confidently.

Sorry for the lack of a detailed shoot and review but I’m no expert at photograph or figurine reviewing anyway. That and my constant gazing at her and sighing with happiness. ^_^;;

10 thoughts on “Max Factory 1/8 Yuki Nagato

  1. I saw this today and almost wanted to buy it and do a semenonfigure on it to show the Yuki fanboys.

    I can be so evil when I lack sleep >:).

  2. Nice! Good to hear this one gets your approval…hopefully mine arrives in the next month or so. That and Bubba Yuki #2.

    Where did you get that wallpaper in your first image? Can’t say I’ve seen that one yet.

  3. TedFox, Adun, tj han,

    Looking forward to your reviews and photos!


    Must send a secret agent to spike your food and drink with sleeping pills! :P


    First wallpaper is from the superb

  4. Nice. Got mine a few days ago but haven’t had time to do a post about it.

    I do find it funny they give you two sets of glasses. Easy to break or they know the buyers may be prone to losing small objects? Who knows lol

  5. This figurine is just simply my *must get* item of the year. ;)

    I just wish they had given an extra wand too. That’s really fragile too!

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