Murder Princess OVA 2

Doctor Akamashi makes his getaway under the cover of the other goth-loli robot’s MLRS. Alita takes the throne while Milano assumes her meido identity. Comedy ensues from the bounty-hunter-turned-princess’ reluctance to take on her new role, exacerbated by her lack of knowledge about court etiquette. The doctor makes another attempt on her life with a new giant minion. The Murder Princess goes berserker FTW but is stopped by Milano as she charges a young girl and her puppy.

Enjoyed this episode for the action. Not so hot on the social misfit comedy as it seemed a tad predictable. Hints of political scheming too with scytheman Dominikov questioning Santa’s Little Helper Shudoo after what Akamashi is after. Of course, the yuri tension and development of Alita x Milano’s relationship was the highlight for me.

The real Milano has sacrificed herself but I never really understood why she was chosen because she hardly even looks like Alita. The freckles for a start…

Hugging the blood-stained dress… hmm… reminds me of Chikane hugging Himeko’s dress in Kannazuki which BluWacky immortalised in his comment about the Lint Brush of Lesbian Desire.

I’m quite bemused by how Milano stared *with blush* at her former body. I don’t think she’s turned on by her own bod but rather intrigued by how differently the same body is behaving. On some levels too, I think of the Alita x Milano yuri tension as a princess and pauper opposites-attract dynamic.

Definitely no Itsuki Koizumi type comments about ‘Your face is too close.’ Through sheer earnestness and yuri power, Milano manages to persuade Alita to ‘protect her country’ and that she will give her ‘everything’ in exchange. I was rather hoping to hear her use the Mahoro and Kaede phrase of serving with her body and mind/heart. Quite cute to see how the normally hardbitten Alita being embarrassed and oh so amendable to Milano.

Nice setup with Alita being touched by the outpouring of citizen adoration for their princess and Milano’s dedication to them. Slashing the unarmoured joints was pretty inspired though I was amused by how she had more hangtime than Michael Jordan in a slowed down Nike ad. The stimpack power-up did even things a bit but still no match for Alita’s Crimson Tide berserker mode.

I think that it’s this state that gives her the title of ‘murder princess’ rather than simply her prowess in battle as stated at the end of the first episode. Probably some traumatic back history here as implied in the OP.

Marvellous how Milano’s love and courage snapped her out of it. They are sooo good for each other.

Milano is so glad to have found such a strong lover princess but Alita is spot-on in thinking that the one who is really strong here is Milano. Four more episodes to go!

9 thoughts on “Murder Princess OVA 2

  1. Behold…The Power of THE Yuri…


    I feel refreshed…It’s been a while since my heart was lifted like this…

  2. Hypothesis: Yuri makes any anime series better, though not necessarily the more, the better.

  3. If you want personality switch, self-cest, confusion between whether yuri or straight,, and other mayhem, try the manga ‘Your and My Secret’.

    There is a licensed English translation available for whomever interested.

    This series strengthened the role of Milano(=Alita inside) compared to the manga. I can’t wait until Jason’s AoMM starts rave about the maid in this series.

  4. Somehow, I love berserker rages.

    One wish I do have is that Milano does something awesome (other than courage and love) before the series ends. I mean, she’s got the body of a super bounty hunter mercenary, right?


    Ah, this is wonderful consolation indeed since the Manga didn’t have any developments like these. I’m loving the minor twists that were made to the plot.

    “I was rather hoping to hear her use the Mahoro and Kaede phrase of serving with her body and mind/heart.”
    Well… Milano did say that in the Manga. It’s too bad they left it out here.

    Now, I can’t wait for the later scene where Milano whispers to Alita “Can we sleep together tonight?” Teh heh. :3 *Plugs nose with tissue*

  6. Actually it’s really weird to digest the fact that they have exchange their bodies and get some yuri fun. Logically, they both won’t fall with their own body. But I’m continuing to support yuriness. even if it’s not gonna really work out the way I want. But I want. zyl i love you

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