Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS 3

First off, a big “Thank You!” to moyism for providing the raws to feed my Nanoha habit this season. Bit of a quiet admin-type episode, the members of Lost Property Riot Force 6 are introduced to each other, including the main support staff. While Hayate and Fate brief their superiors, Instructor Nanoha puts Subaru, Tiia, Erio and Caro through a training exercise – their first encounter with the Anti-Magic Field Gadget drones.

This may be anal of me but it also bothered me in the last episode when Erio and Signum spoke to each other; that is, when subordinates pay compliments [i.e. Salute, Good morning, Ma'am] to their superior officers, the least they could do is to return the salute. I might have excused this on the ground that the Midchilda Army uses different regimentation and discipline protocols, at least Fate (who’s in the equivalent of their navy) returned Subaru’s salute. Well, at least, Hayate-chan doesn’t look like the type who’d screw people over for lapses in protocol. Absolutely loved her comment about how it felt that the trio were back in middle school now that they were, once again, wearing the same uniform. LOL

The other thing is that I’m not so hot about their brown (Mid-Army No.5J?) uniforms. Nanoha’s white-blue uniform conveys her hotshot pilot-instructor role while Fate’s sombre black Enforcer uniform is a nice link to her main loli-mode colour.

LOL at this scene because of this doujin by Ramsus over at Entropy Max!

Hayate (?): Let me introduce Griffith Lowran, he is Admiral Leti’s son.
Griffith: Pleased to meet you.

Nanoha and Fate: AAAAAAH?! *Big Shock*

Hayate: What’s the matter? Aren’t you both a bit rude?
Fate: Because…
Nanoha: There’s definitely 70% resemblance.

Nanoha: That’s because I thought that Admiral Leti was the type of person who was too busy with her work and thus missed her chance to get married, became really uptight and a failure at relationships with others. Never expected that she would have a son.
Fate: *nod nod* Umm umm.
Hayte: Though it’s very rude, I also thought that at first.
Griffith: …

Signum teasing Fate; latter is so cute when she is embarrassed, accentuated by the fact that she’s 19 already but still socially awkward even with her close friends.

No minimum height requirement for the Midchilda Army then. ;)

“So the whole of the main cast is going to merge into this red crystal… NEKKID.”
Boy, that sure got the top brass’ attention real quick.

Nanoha’s smile was really quite sinister… Go, go White Devil!

Nanoha: Sorry… I’ve messed up a bit… Vita, are you alright?

Vita: That’s right, that day, when I was responsible for guard duty, was careless… That kind of situation, I never want to see again!

Nanoha: When my wounds have healed… LET’S BECOME STRONG TOGETHER. I train you reaaally well from head to toe.

Vita: DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! No! The bright white light is coming!
Signum: Vi… Vita! Calm down?!
Reinforce: Vita is crying…

Lolis using tentacle magic! What has the world come to? Plus her magic square looks like the one deployed by Loli Rider in the OP.

I felt Tiia really showed her mettle by pushing herself to deploy an AA mage level shot when she’s still on a B. Erio and Subaru relied on their Velka melee combat styles while Caro used Frederick and a spell she already knew.

Hayate has dinner with her harem knights. Rein-chan is providing lots of OMGSOCUTE! moments. Another Cardcaptor Sakura homage methinks as Kero-chan’s ‘room’ also had a similar configuration in the file drawer of Sakura’s desk side drawers.

Mmmm… Vita finds her fork very tasty. Goodness, she was chewing on them for a loooong time. Twice.

So cute how Vita and Signum baby Reinforce Zwei in their own slightly nasty ways. Latter dropping the hankie and creating White Sheet Ghost Rein was an absolute scream. And I seriously thought for a moment that Rein was going to eat that cherry tomato with one bite and have really swollen chipmunk cheeks as a result.

MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, Fate undressing and having a ‘How was your day in the office, dear?’ conversation with Nanoha before they get ready to go to sleep on the same bed. Like Erica, me so happy.

Yeah well, it doesn’t mean very much but, right now, I feel like my dogs when they were still puppies and I had waved doggie treats and made them jump up and down to try and get to them. Except it’s now the studio that’s holding the LFB treats. orz NANOHA X FATE FTW! LOVE LOVE DESU!!

13 thoughts on “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS 3

  1. /jump/ /jump/

    Next time we meet, Zyl, we can do the LFB/G jump up and down and squeal together.

    As the owner of a Big Pluffy Bed of Lesbian Bliss (TM) I was very, very glad to see that Fate and Nanoha had one of their very own. :-)



  2. notice they have matching colored pillows on their couch?

    maybe that’s why Nanoha wears tacky yellow panties

  3. I am sure there is a perfectly reasonable explaination for Nanoha and Fate sharing the same bed … However! I do NOT wanna hear it! :P

    Gawd I love this show! Even the new characters I find very interesting :)

  4. Judging from basically everything Fate uses, wears and drives… she seems to like black and gold

    even cardishe had yellow rim linings

    maybe she wanted a black pillow but decided it was too tacky

  5. I aim to please and thank you for inflating my ego ;)

    Also good to know I wasn’t the only one who thought Nanoha’s look during the training part was a bit off… as in “I’m enjoying watching the n00bs suffer” kinda of way.

  6. Erica, definitely! And yuri fandom could also do with an iconic mass dance a la Hare Hare Yukai. LOL

    T_I, thanks for pointing that out, I didn’t notice the cushions on the couch! That makes it even more NxF ‘Our Lovely Home’ sort of feel. The pink striped pillows on the bed were so tacky though…

    Cardishe LOL – Ferrari also exports the Testarossa to Midchilda!

    Kabitzin, somehow I just get the image that the only problem they’d have making such a decision is because Nanoha and Fate keep giving way to each other – ‘You first.’ ‘No, you first.’

    Spiritsnare, daRAT,

    Fate: Nanoha, I’m worried about your condition because I’m your friend.

    [insert bored gaijin picture]

    Fate: Honey, I’m home! Time to go to bed together!

    [insert excited gaijin picture]

    moyism, Nanoha doesn’t quite qualify for psycho moe but she’s definitely got a White Devilish streak in her.

  7. Forget what I said about being worried before.

    Whatever comes next I am taking it full on.

    This has been twice we have been showed possibilities.

    And i like to think of Nanoha wearing yellow panties as being won over by Fate’s hair color. Why do I think that it is Fate’s fav color any way?

    Second bed scene in three eps. I spy another in the next episode as well.

    BANZAII to aging. I hope they will finally show us a bed scene that has less or -clothes E he he.

    The raw I saw was 50MB but I want to wait for the subs. This decision id weakening really fast.

    I wanna re-watch the ‘Hello honey, How was your day at the office’ scene in better quality.

    Indeed, Striker S is the No.1 priority watch of this season for me.

    *Goes off to read Erica’s take on the show*

  8. For the shameless promotional hijack

    For more Yuri watch Touka Gettan:

    Trap (kurogane Doctrine FTW)
    Cherry Blossem
    Crazy Blond Loli with Scyth

    And take that Skane and his 300 NxF FTW “D

  9. I wouldn’t rec Touka just yet.

    But I am watching it to see what happens. Hoping that something happens btn Momoka and Makoto but there is Touka…

    There is another nice ShoujoAi show Hitohira going on. I have just seen ep 04 raw and the force is strong with this one. Kawasuma Ayako BANZAII.

  10. Demon Eyes, don’t spoil me, I going to see tha tepisode right away, but I agree with you…
    Ayako Kawasumi Banzai!!!
    And screw everyone who hates NanohaxFate ^_^
    We need more proof about it

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