the hontou ni alter fate war :: phase 3 (hnKd 4/2007)

Hundreds of LUNA-type Zakus descend on Stripey Island, armed and ready to secure a swift and decisive victory, through the sheer weight of numbers, over the imouto-fundamentalist forces of Stripey Insists Sisters Cry Onii-chan Now Enforcer. Even the X-1 SISTROY will be overwhelmed as a pack of hounds bring down a bear. Or how scores of grunt archers and pikemen can bring down a great knight. But the tanuki still has another trick up his striped tail…

Of course, what Stripey has done is blatantly illegal, based on the customary law that traces its lineage from the treaties signed in the aftermath of the Fanboy Wars between the Churches of Asuka and Rei. Moé jammer cancellers and moé energy weapons are one such category of banned devices as the amount of moé generated from various sources have the potential to destroy the entire world or even the entire universe!

5 thoughts on “the hontou ni alter fate war :: phase 3 (hnKd 4/2007)

  1. You know, you should just shoot Stripey and get it over with. ;) Or burn the figurine… or blow it up, Orb-style.

  2. You better bait Stripey out of his hideout. I believe Shiori just said Oniichan to Kyon. That might be used to your advantage as I doubt any frontal assault can withstand the snow maiden Yuki.

  3. Dude, they’re weak.

    I bet I can poach that figurine and kick Stripey in the balls.

    Or I could reduce Stripey Island to a radioactive ruin. Your choice.

  4. Ahhh.. no no, we have to do this SUNRISE style. Wait for the trainwreck end XD

    And stay tune for Phase 4 where Zyl realises he’s Stripey’s non-blood related sister!

  5. Stripey: So you’re into forbidden love two ways? :P

    Now, we need the Sunrise ending where EVERYONE dies, except one person, who ends up picking up the figurine. That person’s me, BTW. ;)

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