Venus vs virus – My moe fix for winter

Moe represents different things for different folks. For some it’s ribbon-loaded seifukus, others wheelchair-bound blind sisters or dead imouto’s voice messages. (Do check out what the Japanese wikipedia has to say about moe at Jpmeyer’s.) Although, moe is the single most important attribute demanded of my figure purchases, I find it hard to express what it really is. Like the appreciation of beauty, the designation of moe-ness appears to be highly instinctive and extremely subjective. Nevertheless, since I have discovered my moe fix for winter, I shall use it to crystalise my brand of moe.

Here’s a list of items I find moelicious about Venus vs virus:


If wearing a scar is gar for men, then eye-patches have to be the moe-equivalent for girls. Men are drawn to that enigmatic aura about females (which partially explains why scantily clad models turn men on more than outright nudes since the brain is the biggest sexual organ in men and imagination, the greatest aphrodisiac) and eye-patches heightens that mystery. Moe factor8/10


Heterochromia can be unsettling in RL but in anime and games, its an uber-moe trait that spawns truckloads of doujins (just ask Yuna of FF10) and pwns all in competition (our angel of Desu, queen of Sai-moe can attest to that.) Moe factor8.5/10

Gun-wielding little girls

A legacy from Gretel. Gun-toting little girls never appealed to me (None in the cast of Gunslinger girl ever gave me the craving for taiyaki or gooey peach drink) until I became enamoured with Gretel and her teddy-beared BAR. Moe factor8/10 (8.5/10 if she can’t shoot straight)


One of the newest denomations of moe to storm the anime scene last year. With moelicious trailblazers like machete-mad Rena (Higurashi) and boxcutter-megami Kaede (SHUFFLE!), psycho-moe is currently the fastest growing fetish in anime cultdom. Although berserker Sumire is hardly on the same level as her founding senpais, she holds my attention with her gleeful cruelty in decimating viruses. Moe factor8.5/10


The useless cousin of legwarmers, handwarmers serve little purpose except to cover non-erogenous body parts so that the remaining exposed portions may titillate. Handwarmers also contribute to another of the Zettai ryouiki family, where the upper arm is the object of adoration. (Yes, the wobbly tricep portion which many ladies are so concerned about.) The golden ratio for this relative of the fabled Zettai ryouiki is also 4:1:2.5 (length of sleeve : exposed arm area : length of handwarmer above elbow) Moe factor7.5/10 (8.5 if it meets golden ratio)

Ok, I’ve to admit that though it’s moe that drew me in, my interest in the series stems mainly from the promising premise/characters. Lucia and Sumire seem to have interesting backstories to tell and it’s immediately obvious that there’s several layers to their personalities; especially Sumire whose circumstances is complicated by her berserker mode. Here’s hoping they keep the series focused/streamlined and animation quality consistent (AQ saw a significant drop in ep 2. Though not to Cabbage love levels, it’s rather noticeable.)

BTW, Lucia need to find a REAL gothloli outfit.

15 thoughts on “Venus vs virus – My moe fix for winter

  1. That girl has a rather unusual Heterochromia, as you usually see colors that are sorta opposites of each other (red/blue, red/green, etc.).

    Personally, I am not a big fan of eyepatches, as the thought of what is underneath kinda creeps me out a little. I have been ok with gun-toting little girls ever since Noir.

  2. Wait a minute, isn’t that the “A trap yet not realy a trap” girl from Kashimashi?

  3. Who decided that 4:1:2.5 was the golden ration for zettai ryouiki anyway. And while I’m at it what did the do with the real Golden Ratio anyway. At first glance I don’t see a relationship between the two. Oh well, that’s a project for another day.

  4. I gotta say, your definition of moe~ is exactly the same as mine. I’ve been reading your blogs for some time now, and everytime I feel that I can sort of relate myself to your comments about moe~.
    All I can say is d(^_^d)

  5. Extra points for not shooting straight? LOL *imagines Mikuru Asahina with real guns in episode 00*

    >>>That girl has a rather unusual Heterochromia, as you usually see colors that are sorta opposites of each other (red/blue, red/green, etc.).
    -Well, her’s has a special purpose. So why not a different color. Makes it more unique with a different color too.

  6. I kinda found Venus Versus Virus to be weak in all aspects.. plot, story, production values, etc. etc. Music is excluded for now, I enjoy Bravin Bad Brew while Yousei Teikoku is my current favourite new group.

    I’ll bravely admit the only reason I’m still on the show is the testament to zettai ryouiki power that is Sumire. Lucia is leaving me disappointed very, very much… she’s more… err… “bitchy” than the “cool” that I expected.

    But well, there’s still time for it to change my opinion…

  7. Luchia isn’t supposed to wear gothloli at all I think… the more gothy dress suits her better anyways. Not to mention frills aren’t needed to make gothloli either :). I think Sumire should dress cute punkloli though. Kaaii, omochikaeritakunaru~ And I don’t like Lola, but she’s kind of cute. She should get rid of the pink stripes down her dress though… it would be much more gosu gosu rori rori.

    The moe factor will go up for me if they start being lesbians with eachother. waiwai banzai.

  8. OMG Gunslinger girls is NOT a moe series. If anyone finds any girl in there moe, we’ll have to call the cops.

  9. Kabitzin: I think my thing for eyepatches began with Barasuisho… or was it Kakashi sensei? XD

    Beowulf Lee: I hold Gungslinger Girl in high regard for its animation quality/consistency and theme but overall I found the series a little flat. The dramatic bits just didn’t have enough bite. :P

    Masked Bandit: V3/Sumire originate from the same studio and characer designer as Kashimashi. Even the seifuku is vaguely familiar. :)

    MaverickRonin: Just repeating what I heard over at DarkMirage’s :)

    Flaskis : I can sense the moe is strong in you…. d(*???*)b

    Asrialys: I can imagine Mikuru cowering after one shot. moelicious… I can imagine Yuki blocking REAL bullets with her wand too XD

    Kurogane: I hope it gets better too. For starters, they need better designs for the viruses. :) I like Lucia actually. She’s not unreasonablely aloof and do show concern for Sumire, in her own way. Like Tess, I’m looking forward to some subtle shoujo-ai garnishings in the series.

    Tess: It’s just the gothloli fetishist in me pandering for a change in outfit. XD Frankly Lucia does look good in her goth wear. Although given her lolicious qualities, some additional lace and frills may accentuate that kawaii charm :)

    tjhan: heh, I’m sure some found Henrietta moelicious just as I did with Gretel. But if anyone call BL a moe series, I’ll do myself in XD

  10. I’ve found VVV the most moe show so far this winter too–the deadly combination of both arm and leg zettai ryouiki should make Sumire a formidable force in the next saimoe tournament. Although heterochromia has always freaked me out a little, ever since Hiro had it in Asagiri no Miko–I’m probably the only Negima fan on Earth who was happy when Shaft made Asuna’s eyes the same color. But while the character designs and the moe factor drew me in to VVV too, I agree the story looks like it could really have some potential for drama down the road (not to mention yuri rabu).

    My only complaint so far is the viruses–the one hanging around in episode 2 looked like a cross between a zombie and a chicken. I keep expecting Sumire to bust the hell up laughing instead of cowering in fear…

  11. Agree, suguru. Looks like we have a force to be reckoned with in the 2008 Sai-loli Tournament. It’ll be like heterochromia vs zettai ryouki. I’m getting my hopes up too high, hehe. ^^

    Hey, Stripey. I could guess enigma be a new moe trait? As is suggested by VVV. Or am I missing something from the Japanese Wikipedia entry? ^^;

  12. Kabitzin: Ah… there are some things even my none blood related brother knows not. Whatever it is yaoi doujinshis were not involved XD

    suguru: haha, yeah zombie chicken looked like an extra from the B-grade horror movie. :) While I do like Sumire’s designs, she’d have to mature a little more before I take to her. Am currently in Lucia’s camp. :P

    Ronin: I’m not sure if engima is moelicious but it sure is a trait that draws males to females. :)

    Zanza: Thanks! I better keep this worksafe then :)

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