Asatte no Houkou ~ Rooting for Hiro X Karada

I never saw her as my sister…. At the funeral, she bore the pain and tears alone, then it came to me

I’ve never liked Hiro. He appeared too laid back and unkempt (haircut dude! haircut!), plus the supposedly callous treatment of Shouko turned me off. But the flashblack in Asatte no Houkou 08 changed that. Here’s a man who unconditionally loved a stranger as imouto and shelved his life to devote himself in the care of her. The amazing thing was he decided to do so upon first setting eyes on Karada and affirming that choice with the above embrace. Absolutely superhuman for one who just lost his parents himself. Granted, Karada is a wonderful soul worthy of such selfless love but Hiro’s still utterly admirable.

Hiro-nii is always making sacrifices for me even though he doesn’t have to be so kind to me

I finally found someone who could complete for the place that Shirakawa Kotori occupies in my heart. Lovely as adult Karada may be, her physical beauty is but a diminished transmission of the true inner beauty, an unblemished soul. It hurts me so much that Karada shed not a tear during the passing of the step-parents, both at the hospital or funeral. Knowing Karada, she’s probably telling herself to be strong (as she was before the start of the flashback in ep 08) and not burden anyone anymore. But came Hiro and his instant loving acknowledgement of Karada as sister melted Karada’s will as she allowed herself to be vulnerable once more. Yes, she’s lost her parents but she’s found a brother. Such is the bittersweetness of Karada’s tears, the strength of their first embrace.

Did you break up with me for her sake?

Where Karada and Hiro have an outward looking, almost divine love, centred not on self but the other, Shouko is only mortal. We see Karada striving to release Hiro but Shouko pursuing him to account for his deeds. I understand Shouko’s bitterness but also know she knows nothing of the altruistic love that binds Hiro/Karada. Sure, she’s seeing some of it and her concept of love is evolving. Her genuine blessing of Hiro in ep 7 is a important step in shaping her views on love and Hiro’s past action is made clearer with the revealing worthiness/loveliness of Karada. Nevertheless, given her outburst in ep 9, I’d say she will never be able to fully grasp the lofty love that Hiro/Karada enjoy.

“”My first heart-throb…this pain… could it be…..”

The preview for ep 10 suggests that Karada finally falls in love (let’s remember Karada now has related hormones). It’s ambiguous at this time if it’d be Tetsu (a very worthy suitor indeed) or (*gasp! siscon ewww!*) Hiro that Karada’s heart aches/yearns for. Personally, I’d never accept anything other than a Hiro X Karada end. No other coupling in the story comes close to the the level of their relationship. Not Tetsu X Karada (despite Tetsu’s very persistent and consistent fledgling love for Karada), not Shouko X Hiro (even with their previous relationship.) I don’t care if people call me a pedosisphile or the police,

I. just. want. Hiro/Karada. together.

I need a wishing stone.

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  1. I hope you never read the manga. Trust me, don’t. It’ll destroy any good will you have towards Hiro. There’s a good reason why he didn’t consider her to be his sister… it’s just so horribly wrong… As for Tetsu, stalkerboy, after volume 2 would be “GAH. Oh. My. God.”. Nothing with a soul would of done that to an other human being.

    For me? The only “Good End” is Shouku and Karada on a plane to the US, having left no forwarding address.

  2. Oh, I don’t read the manga but I know what you are talking about for Hiro, from the manga spoilers at Garten’s. :) But I don’t think the anime will go that way. Judging from the thrust of the series and the manner the relationships are growing, I believe the animators are not going to include that rather ghastly component at all.

    I don’t know about the Tetsu part but he’s doing rather well as of ep 09. It does look like I have to lay off the manga though. XD

  3. Yeah and since Karada’s family tree forms a full circle by the end I’m happy that the anime doesn’t follow it too closely. As for Tetsu, he’s a violent pedophile stalker rapist and I’ll be a while before I can stomach seeing his image again.

    I saw an Asatte no Houkou manga discussion on animesuki forums if you’re curious about the details.

    Hrmmm. As for the anime, I still prefer the Shouku&Karada pairing. Hiro has that hentai-hair thing which I find horribly creepy. As for Tetsu… I just don’t want to talk about him anymore. Shouku has that elder sister thing going, definitively the best.


  4. Hm…gives me Koi Kaze flashbacks…^__^;; Anyways, by the looks of it, it will probably be Tetsu x Karada. Who knows, as they have changed your mind about Hiro, they might put in an amazing scene that will change your mind about Tetsu later? ;p

  5. Stripey, I was calmly drinking a juice when I saw the headline of your article. I almost gave my keyboard a bath the minute I got to the “Hiro X Karada” part of the headline. XD But I should have expected that Hiro/Karada would be your no.1 choice amongst all of the possible pairing.

    And yeah, you probably want to stay away from the manga if you don’t like Tetsu since the majority of the 3rd volume focuses on his character. The manga is also a lot more supernatural than the anime.

  6. Michael: Now you’ve made me want to read the manga…. XD

    Inky: OMG! Did you say rapist? Ok, I better lay off the manga after all. As for Shouko, I don’t know. Her EQ is terribly low as illustrated in ep 9 where she lashed out at Hiro for not confirming Karada’s knowledge of non-blood-relation. And I’m still sore over the unkind words she uttered to Karada in ep 1. She’s intrinsically not kind enough a person I would entrust Karada to. Will check out the forums. Thanks for the heads-up. :)

    muhootsaver: I’ve been quite impressed with Tetsu thusfar actually. For a 12 yr old, his love for Karada is exceptional. We might just get a Tetsu X Karada end. It all hinges on ep 10 when we discover who Karada falls for… :)

    Garten: Haha! Gomen gomen.. At least you didn’t choke on your drink XD From the looks of it, I’d be staying off the manga so all the more the anime needs to have a good resolution.

    Ganbatte! Hiro X Karada! :)

  7. This was to be expected it’s been a while since the last post reafirming your Sis-con license. Still while I admire Karada’s purity of intent despite her lack of reason, Hiro is still a hack. He left Shouko heart broken while the same cannot be yet said of Hiro. He then has the nerve to ask Shouko to live with them and mediate their disputes. Captian obvious tells Shouiko to let it out, but if she did Hiro would be a mangled corpse in some ditch, and Karada would be sad. How dare he ask for more strife in such a fragile household where one heartless dud is on the verge of deflowering Karada.

    Purity of love you say, Bah! Love requires honesty Hiro has not been honest form the out start. Sure he was willing to take care of a stranger, but his methods are lacking. Informing Shouko of break up by a letter was irresponsible I have seen many a serviceman abandonded in such a disgraceful manner miles from home to deal with their anguish alone. If he choose to live for the one and die for the one he better prepare himself for it. He should have told Shouko everything in person face to face. That way she could have slapped the snot out of the villan.

    I hope that Shouko can ditch that worthless example of humanity and enjoy the childhood she never had. A second chance at life, she could be so much more knowing what she knows. While her statement in Ep 1 were hurtful she had been hurt too I can understand why she would lash out. She does care about Karada she took her in and mended Karada’s fence with Hiro. Such actions speak not of some petty harlot, but of a mature woman. While we can ignor ehte manga for the purposes of this blog one thing remains constant that Hiro is a scumbag feigning responsiblity.

  8. AH! I doubt that they will go with a HiroXKarada end. There is definitely no indication so far. My bets are on a ShoukoxHiro and TetsuXKarada end.

  9. Well, sorry, Stripey, but I don’t like Hiro. He’s pretty much an ass. I fail to see how is possible for this guy to win girls’ affection. I really, REALLY hope the anime doesn’t show his manga personality, ’cause that’ll be the end for him. Even Takayuki will seem a real man.
    (Talking about men, Haruhiko ftw ^^)

  10. I don’t see how anyone can really think well of Hiro, but good job showing me wrong! o/

  11. roflcakes: Sorry, I don’t know myself. Anyhow from numerous feedback, I think it might be wiser to stay with the anime XD


  12. Damn you, Stripey, you’ll force me to rewatch Gift ep. 9. I admit Haruhiko is sometimes the typical sweet-talking ass, but that fades off when looking him follow his beliefs so strongly. That’s what’s good of this guy. A trait that most of harem leads lack, and only a few develop over time (Junichi, Rin, and yes, Takayuki). Aaaaaaand… he’s pretty much sure about how to treat Riko.

    Just for the record, I haven’t gone though eps 7+ of Asatte, I’m waiting for Lunar’s subs. So I’m just talking about what I’ve seen and what I’ve read of the manga. Therefore, feel free to whip me if I said somethong obviously stupid.

    (Mea culpa because I started to think in Hiro’s psycological pressure about his own sins. That mush hurt a lot, and anyways he deserves the chance to atone and fix all that’s gone wrong in his life. Tetsu too.)

    I fail to see how this HUGE Asatte mess is gonna be solved.

  13. Hehe, I think the worst is over for Gift. Ep 7 was a real low point but ep 8 and 9 have strong good storytelling. Not Da Capo intuitive but rather good for this genre. :) As for Asatte, I urge you to watch ep 8 soon. It’s one of the most moving eps I’ve seen this year. I don’t blame anyone for hating Hiro/Tetsu after reading more about what they did in the manga. Oh pls…. let the anime not go there….. XD

  14. You’re thinking too much , I have a brother too , that’s why I understand how Hiro and Karada are , they have a strong relationship together and I’m glad they are , but it’s not like that , I think having them like a pairing will just destroy the beautiful family relationship they’ve made .

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