Black Lagoon 17

We begin with a Rock monologue about how Roanapur is filled with villians [?? (????)], a metropolis/capital of wickedness [???? (????????)] against the backdrop of the various mafiosi going about their business. There’s something quite funny and reassuring about Revy’s perpetual scowling.

Rock is waiting in the company car with Revy and Eda.

Eda’s stock as a recurring character has gone up a lot in my book, mainly because she usually manages to raise Revy’s hackles by flirting with Rock thus bringing out Revy’s tsundere appeal.

Eda has also totally set up the bomb on Jane. She’s given away Jane’s bolt hole – but gave the adjacent room number. She’s also prepared a series of ‘Escape from Death’ signs that will lead Jane towards the getaway car. Just as Revy and Rock give up on her wacky plan, Jane comes running past and Eda offers her a deal she can’t refuse. The freakshow shows up and Eda ends discussions with the tiger man by shooting him.

Eda and gang make their getaway and the freakshow circus seems disinclined to pursue. Shen Hua tells the cowboy that Revy and Eda’s involvement means the situation has changed [????? (???????)] and demands a raise.

Unfortunately, the getaway boat is out at sea to take a delivery. Waiting at the dock/warehouse office, Rock offers Eda beer but she wants the good alcohol. Revy tells her to lay off as those are Dutch’s personal property [?? (???)]. The Florida gang’s guide calls up Dutch and there’s a bit of discussion, ending with the former asking for more time.

The freakshow circus raids the office.

Rock and Jane are cornered by the Chainsaw Undertaker but the former manages to fend her off with a shelf. Revy impulsively abandons her defensive position to try and save Rock. Awww.

I’ve mentioned this before but here’s another example of Revy’s gorgeous shoulders. Animation quality seems to have dipped in general but these relatively static scenes are still fairly decent.

Another example of the relatively bad animation was how weirdly shaped Revy’s face was when she got cut by Shen Hua’s blade.

The heavy munitions are used but it only buys a temporary respite. Mr Torch is setting the place on fire. Revy and Eda discuss tactics. The former notes that if the attackers leave things as they are, their source of revenue [?? (????)], i.e. Jane, will be destroyed [?? (?????)] along with the building [?? (????)].

Revy speaks really quickly so I found it hard to understand what she was saying. Something along the lines of charging [?? (?????) charge], protecting/escorting [?? (???)] Jane with all their might [?? (?????)] while mopping up [?? (????)] the attackers. She anticipates that the gang will be attacking a second time, like a spirited chatter [????????(?????)???(???)??(????)???], in the coming moments [???? (????????)]. In any case, while my favourite portrayal by Megumi Toyoguchi to date is MariMite’s Sei Satou, she’s really done a wonderful job as Revy too.

Bit of a cliffhanger again. We’re left wondering if Revy and Eda had coordinated successfully against Shen Hua. Rock and Jane are on the rooftop, with nowhere else left to go. Rock tells Jane to quit her bitchin’; he’s in the process of thinking [???(???????)], reminding me of the Rock who came up with the plan against the helicopter gunship in Ep 2.

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  1. If Rock had an ounce of common sense he should be trying to finagle a Revy/Eda threesome.

    Then again, with those two, even the burliest of men would probably feel raped after the deed was done.

  2. “Raped,” no, because that requires lack of consent, and the aforementioned finagling requires intent, much less consent. Besides, with those two, how could any straight man say it’s not consensual?

    Now, “violated”? Oh, yeah, I could definitely see that. Especially with Eda. She strikes me (no pun intended) as a bit of a freak.

  3. If they could tape Jane’s mouth shut, adding her to create a foursome wouldn’t be so bad either.

    Wow. We’re almost to the end already. To think Fujiyama Gangster Paradise already begins after this.

  4. The problem is that Revy and Eda would tear each other new ones even as they handled him… which is a bit of a lose-lose situation with a threesome, since I don’t think they’d be ‘torturing’ one another in fun ways, but rather shoving guns into one another’s mouths. And I mean pistols, not other types of ‘weapons’. I still love how the Sister there.. well, I always thought of nuns as chaste – no more. ;)

  5. Just watched the RAW.

    Some random thoughts,

    ..) Will Rock pull off another ‘Shikimaru’ in Ep18?

    ..) Sugita Tomakazu voices Rotton the Wizard. After all his harem male lead roles and such, is this his first VA job as a villain?

    ..) I will be sadden if Shenhua dies. :(

    ..) I lost count on the number of physical improbabilities in this episode.

    ..) Jane has hands of steel to withstand all that friction as she slid down the pipe.

    ..) Despite what Predator and its’ ilk has shown, it is NOT possible to wield a Gattling Gun in your hands. There is a very good reason why they are mounted on hardpoints in real life.

    ..) I have a theory that even if Revy were to hide behind a paper door, bullets will still not hit her.

    ..) Blades on the other hand, will. Thus reaffirming the Japanese fascination with the superiority of blades over guns.

    ..) Apparently, just like life, bullets are cheap in Black Lagoon.

    ..) Revy’s guns and Eda’s gun have bulletspace( look up Hammerspace) in their clips. Reloading is only necessary for dramatic purposes. Each clip in their gun contains the equivalent of an ammo box for a GPMG. See Ep16 where they riddled the cars with numerous bullet holes even though they never once reloaded.

    I mean, in season one, Revy did constantly reload. What happened in season two?

    ..) The circus cannon fodder apparently moonlighted as Storm Troopers before. I am willing to wager that grandmothers with cataracts can aim better than them. Did you see Revy and Eda even try to take cover from them seriously? They could even hold a conversation at the door while their bodies were in full view.
    ~~~~ ~~~~

    That said, I enjoyed the episode. :-

  6. > If Rock had an ounce of common sense he should be trying to finagle a Revy/Eda threesome.

    > Then again, with those two, even the burliest of men would probably feel raped after the deed was done.

    Nah, that two girls (?) definitely play hard (specially with guns in hands). A soft guy like Rock would definitely call them “Mama” and “Papa”, so he would be raped for sure.

    But could be worse. What if Balalaika decide to join the party and record everything in video to sell later? He would certainly be Gang-raped! ^^

  7. umm…ThatGuy…how about NO…

    …even without factoring in the added weight of the battery and additional mechanisms remember that the trademark of a chaingun is that it fires helliciously fast…I mean these things can go up to 6000 rpm or more…the impulse from ALL those rounds even if they’re “just” 5.56mm coming out so close together will snap bones and bowl people over no matter how strong you are…

    …even conventional 5.56mm machine guns specifically designed for 1 person to use have stocks and bipods and are still normally fired braced against the shoulder while prone or in a solid crouching position…but you can’t stick a stock on a chaingun…and there’s no way someone holding it parallel against the ground with just his arms can defend against the kick…

    …any portrayal of some meathead firing a chaingun from the hip while charging around is purely catering to testostrone-drowned ego fantasies and bullshit…sure you can pick up and hold a chaingun like that…hell I could probably do it…but good luck firing it…don’t believe everything you see on TV or in games…and industrial steel is stronger than meat and bone…

  8. Shenhua, Revy, Eda, Jane, all we need now is Balalaika and the fanboy’s dream will come true.

    Hmmm, alot of the facial animations in this episode seem off. Which is sad considering the last episode had wonderfull facial animations.

    But something has really begun to bug me over the last few episodes. The show is called “Black Lagoon”… so where has everyone’s favorite PT boat actually been lately? I think we’ve actually only seen it once this entire season.

  9. Wielding even helicopter-scale rotary cannon may be impossible in real life, but it seems about right for Black Lagoon. I think the Roberta arc solidly established that they allow the impossible as well as the improbable.

  10. I don’t mind the impossible if it is not too detracting. Roberta was kicking so much arsesage that my brain was not processing the odd impossibility or two. When the number of physical improbabilities overwhelm the senses however, balance is lost. ^^;

    Ep17 treaded a fine thin line here. It had enough ownage to compensate for its’ detractions, but it was a close call.


  11. Lagoon combat physics is great…I just love it to death…I don’t mind how improbable it gets…a 70 odd grandmother nun one-hand wielding a gold plated .50 Desert Eagle tickles me pink…but I do want to prevent people from trying out these stunts in real life…and education leads to prevention…I think…

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