SHUFFLE! Memories & Really? Really!

Me heart fluttered with excitement when I read the announcement that SHUFFLE! will returning to TV in the winter. Thought it was going to be an OVA. Apparently SHUFFLE! Memories is just a Director’s Cut (whatever that means) repeat broadcast with new OP and ED.

Read Omni’s invaluable season preview post that another Navel offering, Lovedol ~Lovely Idol!, will be coming to our screens but given that (1) the Soul Link anime didn’t win many fans and (2) asread improved on the SHUFFLE! story when producing the anime, I’m adopting a sit and wait attitude to that.

In any case, Navel seems to be powering ahead with the SHUFFLE! franchise with yet another sequel game. Whereas Tick! Tack! was Nerine-centric, Really? Really! appears to be aimed at the boxcutter-wielding, Asa-lynching hoodies of the KKK. :P

From what I could gather (with my piss poor Japanese), the story occurs after Rin and Kaede have re-established their ties and Primula is living with them as a member of the family with the approval of the Demon and God Kings. They feel it is a good way to observe Primula’s development of her emotional control as things seemed to have been going well under Rin and Kaede’s care. However, along the way, an unexpected magical surge from Primula has scattered and disrupted Kaede’s memories, mind and spirit, putting her very existence out of order. In order to fully awaken Kaede and restore her memories, Rin and friends travel to the Spirit world. There he and Kaede will confront their past.

Main character is definitely Kaede as she’s the default on the character page. Other main characters are Primula, Asa, Mayumi, Nadesico-sensei and, of course, Rin Tsuchimi. A new character, Sakura Yae, has been added. Her character design looks out of the fifth Navel game, Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai (We Have No Wings – under the innocent sky aka Oretsuba) but there’s apparently no connection. She’s described as a childhood friend of Rin and Kaede (but is attending a different school) with a gentle personality. Always to listen to the problems of those around her, she has little regard for her own problems and is flustered by recent events. *dun dun dun*

12 thoughts on “SHUFFLE! Memories & Really? Really!

  1. > Really? Really! appears to be aimed at the
    > boxcutter-wielding, Asa-lynching hoodies
    > of the KKK. :P

    Enough with the subtlety. How do you *really* feel about Kaede and her followers? ^_^

  2. For what I researched, Really? Really! will also feature Kaede’s mom at some point

  3. kaede-focussed? odd… then why is it that they used long haired Asa on her character page? assuming he doesn’t end up with her, she’d be dead by this point, if my understanding of the game is even vaguely sound… unless this is to disregard that aspect or something. *sweat*. damnit, need an Asa-focussed sequel! to hell with miss “safety net/bad end/you’renotcoolenoughtogetanyoneelse end”. :P

  4. Kaede-centric? Does this mean more psychotic breakdowns? If yes, I heartily approve and look forward to it! :D

  5. Tsubaki, actually I think the greatest difficulty in setting up the PPP will be to find a Japanese word starting with P that will make up the first two words of the association’s name. LOL

    DrmChsr0, needz moar rattan. :P

    W4, OMG no one has ever accused me of subtlety b4. Haha!

    SeedStriker, I wonder if Kaede gets the psycho gene from her mom or dad?

    Zetsabre, the long-haired Asa pic on her chara page also surprised me. But given that she still hates magic blah blah, I’m assuming that this game ignores the Asa route in the original game so that issue hasn’t been dealt with yet. Asa’s quote on the chara page is also about making a page in Rin’s heart about her so it appears that there should be an Asa route and ending in Really? Really! too.

    Skane, same here. I love the drama even though I fear the psycho!

  6. Finally!

    My second most fav character in anime gets her turn to shine( Is Rin a secondary or is he still the primary? cause then I can go: In your face Rinka(Rin no Baka).

    I am expecting many box cutters.

    I am expecting some Primular/Kaede fluffiness( I know what I am, no need to tell me)

    I WAS expecting the tackling of THE KISS. Oh well…

    I am expecting some appearences of Kikyou and Sia. For Christ’s sakes please….

    I am NOT expecting Rin to be the lead. *&%

  7. I’ll watch SHUFFLE! Memories, but anything less than Kaede pushing Asa off a building or something high and then stabbing Rin in the chest (I’d say heart, but he doesn’t have one) and I’ll be disappointed

  8. Is this going to be a game or a show? ._. I’m terribly confused by the artwork… and all the Japanese is on a picture and not rext so I can’t translate it =/ Oh well whatever it’ll be, I love Kaede most~ it’ll be fun to see something Kaede centric!

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