Strawberry Panic 19-20

Miyuki: Hey Kaori, get ready to meet your first customer, ok? [Much apologies for lateness. Haven’t had a functional broadband connection for a while and also recently crawled out from under a tonne of coursework. Am currently leeching off a neighbour’s unsecured wireless connection. Also many thanks to Skane for his forays on Ep 19 and 20 thusfar.]

Kaori: But I don’t know if she’ll like me… /
Shizuma: Yeah yeah, you always say that the new girl is good.

Shizuma: So if the new girl doesn’t rock my world, how is the mama-san going to see it that I slack my lust?

Miyuki: This mama-san would gladly slack your lust herself. And for free. But is too proud because she really luuurves you. Baka.

Shizuma: Are you sure she’s going to be my type?
Miyuki: Just go and say “Hi!” first, ok?

Miyuki: Hrmmm… this is working out rather better than I expected.

Miyuki’s Dating Service also arranges romantic walks in the gardens, midnight tea parties and stargazing. Gundam not included.

Dating sim tree included.

Threesome option not though. :-(

I can’t believe that my first thought upon seeing this scene was not “PHWOAR! YURI 4TW!” but “Damn, that looks so uncomfortable and unnatural.” -_-;;

Miyuki: You can’t just marry my star working girl like that! She’s got a tonne of secret society type debts to pay off on behalf of her family et al!

Time left until Kaori’s System Shuts Down: End of this episode.
Miyuki: Dammit, Shizuma! Why didn’t you tell me about the warranty expiring!?

Giving away the bride…

Yaya sighting. Pre-Hikari?
I hear the voice of Bob Marley.

Miyuki: Dammit, I’ve got to add extra absorbent padding to the back of my dress. This is happening waaay too often!

Well, it could be worse. Yaya could end up like one of those mad old ladies with a million cats.

Tamao: Shizuru Fujino is my hero!

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  1. Thanks. Still much frustration over the internet connection – currently I can still connect to my neighbour’s wireless but my browsers can’t access the web. Spybot and hijackthis scans are ok. Firewall (sygate) settings are ok. Ping of and assigned IP are fine but request times out when I try anything else. My guess is that my TCP/IP and Winsock are fine. Other standard fix is to adjust the IE connections properties to ‘Never dial a connection’ – worked yesterday but it didn’t work today. Much frustration… hope it’s not some kind of registry problem.

  2. Haha this is so funny. was reading this in the office..

    some how help to destress abit. Thanks =D

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