Strawberry Panic 18

No Yaya in this episode so I wouldn’t normally have a post. But given that I’m curious to hear Skane’s exposition on Tamaoism this week, here’s a seed bed for that. ;)

Even at the remote beach house, Tamao’s presence follows the pair in the form of her sandwiches. I wonder if Shizuma wanted them eaten before they got to the house so that another physical reminder of Tamao had been dealt with?

Shizuma has a mini-breakdown after another very brief Kaori Sakuragi flashback. Tears in the rain.

Shizuma seems to treat Tamao as – at the very least – a plausible rival for Nagisa. In the anime, she was definitely annoyed by Tamao’s protective ribbon and in the manga, she tells Tamao not to touch Nagisa. Given the OP, I’m taking it for granted that Nagisa will end up with Shizuma though it will be interesting to see how this comes about.

Looks like no Yaya again next episode. :(

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  1. Who doesn’t?! I thought it’s time for hot yuri but it turns out SAD episode.

  2. i guess this will open another arc wherein shizuma would have to prove if she really loves nagisa or not… yeah but it is a sad episode…

    i am interested though at skane’s does of tamaoism for this episode :)


    This was the shittiest episode ever.

    Shizuma: Let us walk.
    Nagisa: OK.

    Walk walk walk.

    Shizuma: Oh my. I see you have lunch there.
    Nagisa: I do indeed have lunch. My friend Tamao made sandwhiches for us.
    Shizuma: Yes.
    Nagisa: Hm.
    Shizuma: Well.
    Nagisa: Indeed.
    Shizuma: shall we partake of them?
    Nagisa: I don’t see why not.
    Shizuma: we could, of course, wait later to consume these delicacies.
    Nagisa: Of course.
    Shizuma: Yes.
    Nagisa: Hm.
    Shizuma: I see. But you are hungry, no?
    Nagisa: Yes.
    Shizuma: Let us eat.


    Nagisa: Lets walk some more.
    Shizuma: OK


    Shizuma: It appears to be raining.
    Nagisa: Oh dear…
    Shizuma: We should run and hold hands.
    Nagisa: Where did that car from the last episode go?


    Shizuma: oh… we’re wet.
    Nagisa: You know…
    Shizuma: Yes?
    Nagisa: We could have intercourse of sensual persuasion right now.
    Shizuma: Indeed, we could.
    Nagisa: Oh, quite.
    Shizuma: Yes.
    Nagisa: It’s entirely possible.
    Shizuma: Agreed.
    Nagisa: Yes.
    Shizuma: But we won’t.
    Nagisa: Oh, heavens no.
    Shizuma: Right. *breaks down sobbing* KAORI KAORI KAORI!
    Nagisa: I simply don’t have the emotional capacity to deal with your angst! I will… run out into the rain!
    Shizuma: WAIT!
    Nagisa: You followed me? out into the RAIN of DOOM? Are you MAD? I simply cannot accept this. I shall run out, back the way I came!
    Shizuma: Kaori. ;.;
    Nagisa: *collapses, has an epiliptic fit, and dies*

  4. Gomen Nasai, for not having posted anything yet, but I am still waiting for my choice of fansubbers to release Ep18 of Strawberry Panic. ^,^;; I have read summaries for Ep18, but I have yet to watch the actual episode itself.

    Still, since it has been one week, I will just take this time to thank everybody for reading my posts. I hope to continue to succeed in entertaining you all. Also, I am flattered that Zyl went out of his way to blog Ep18 despite the lack of Yaya. ^-^

    My initial plan was to clump the Ep18 entry with either the Ep17 or Ep19 entries.

    Narf, starting to feel a bit pressurised by all the expectations. I will probably have to spend more time to write out the Ep18 entry in order to justify the wait.

    Honestly speaking, I am quite surprised that the Conspiracy of Suzumi Tamao has not collapsed yet. When I first started writing about it, I was expecting the series to give me a canon-continuity-check and destroy the theory, but amusingly enough, the series actually catered to my theory( unintentionally of course) and enabled me to flesh it out more.

    If I was an artist, I would have probably done a doujinshi of it already. Haha!

    The biggest obstacle to my write-ups has always been to maintain continuity. Once a plot-hole appears, it is game over for the theory. It is all but a foregone conclusion that Nagisa will end up with Shizuma, but “When will it happen?” is the question.

    When I first started watching Strawberry Panic, I had jokingly told myself that Tamao was a basket-case. Never did I imagine that she really WAS a basket-case in the first few episodes. Nowadays, I embrace her basket-caseness wholeheartedly.

    Strawberry Panic was initially meant to be an anime that I wanted to watch to see how bad could it be, due to all the less-than-stellar first-episode reviews of it. Now I can unbashfully say that I am hooked by it. I would even go so far as to say that if Strawberry Panic goes on to execute some of my wishes, I would willingly buy the DVDs when they are released.

    My wishes are as follow,

    ..) An emotional Tamao breakdown if Nagisa rejects her
    ..) Even better, a psychotic Tamao breakdown if Nagisa rejects her
    ..) A genuine confrontation between Tamao and Shizuma
    ..) Better still, a catfight between Tamao and Shizuma-
    ..) *nosebleeds* – in jello
    ..) Tamao becomes Etoile
    ..) Tamao nails Nagisa before Shizuma
    ..) If not before, Tamao still nails Nagisa anyway
    ..) The Tamao&Nagisa pairing wins in the end

    Too Tamao-centric much? Maybe, but then again, Tamao IS the main reason why I watch Strawberry Panic. :)

    For now, I present the following image I saved from Danbooru to sate those who are waiting for the next entry of the ‘Conspiracy of Suzumi Tamao’.

    Tamao&Nagisa FTW

    Till next time, cheers.

  5. @Skane

    There are still episodes left, it would not be a suprise if one of your wishes did come true.

    No need to apologize Skane :) we should be the one thanking you for sharing your opinions. We will wait patiently for Doremi to come out with their fansubs. I think most of us know you stick to your choice of fansubbers loyally.

    Yes, it was quite annoying that after Nagisa ran out and Shizuma came out to chase her that they were not able to say anything that would resolve their problem. Even after Nagisa went back to the house, I think it would have been more realistic that Shizuma would try to patch things up with Nagisa. But alas, the next scene showed that it was already morning and Nagisa had already headed back to the school.

  6. What a shame. They should have been grinding their labias together, french kissing and boobie grabbing each other on the same bed on a dark stormy night.

    Imagine a worried Tamao-chan rushing over to the house the next day, and discovered that the two of them were still going at it. That would have been priceless.

    Too much yuri angst and too little yuri action.

  7. It took me long enough. ;)

    Ep18 is extremely Shizuma&Nagisa-centric, and Tamao only appears a few times. However, some of the Tamao scenes were very potent in that they affected Nagisa and Shizuma, even though Tamao was nowhere near them. Tamao’s influence on Nagisa is so entrenched that even Shizuma acknowledges the threat that Tamao poses. It is just too bad for Shizuma that when it comes to psychological warfare, Tamao has her totally beat.

    As usual, the standard disclaimers. The following is purely speculation. Believe as much of it as you dare to.

    ~~~~ ~~~~

    Presenting Ep18, ‘Storm of Love‘.

    As the title implies, turbulent emotions ahoy.

    The episode begins with Shizuma and Nagisa walking down a path lined with trees swathed in the colours of autumn. If there is one good thing in Strawberry Panic, it is the design of the flora background. Damn, it looks pretty.

    There is no real narrator in the beginning, although Nagisa gets to voice out her inner thoughts in a short soliloquy.

    Moving along, Shizuma notices Nagisa looking at the Basket of Guilt. Ah joy… the Guilt-Complex. Truly a psychological weapon that keeps on giving. How many episodes has it been already? Ever since Tamao installed a Guilt-Complex into Nagisa? I lost count of the number of times Nagisa said, “I’m sorry.” to Tamao already.

    Realising the threat, Shizuma takes precautionary measures to neutralise the evils of Tamao and declares that they should have a picnic right there and then. Unfortunately, in an attempt to cover up her ploy, she made the mistake of saying that they should thank Tamao later; because it triggered the Guilt-Complex within Nagisa who then spontaneously experiences a Guilt-Induced Flashback.

    Look at Tamao, Nagisa. See how sad you made Tamao, Nagisa. Bad Nagisa. Bad, bad Nagisa. Boooooooo.

    Truly, truly a gift that keeps on giving…

    Moving along, with Shizuma’s mood made no better by what happened, Nagisa inquires about the isolation of the place. To which Shizuma replied, along with the official Strawberry Panic’s ominous music as the background music(BGM)…

    “The vacation home includes all the surrounding areas. We’re the only ones here. This scene also belongs to just the two of us.”

    Unfortunately for Nagisa, she does not have the benefit of hearing the BGM, so she does not realise how creepy the situation is. :P The girls continue to walk on and all of a sudden, it decides to rain. With no umbrellas between the two of them( no Love-Love Umbrella in this episode! ;) ), they decide to run to the vacation home.

    Having reached the porch of the vacation home, Nagisa stares at her right hand, a hand that just held hands with one of Shizuma’s hands. Still with me? Her thoughts are interrupted by Shizuma’s request that Nagisa be the one to open the door, but why? Probably a Plot MacGuffin since the Official Ominous BGM strikes again as we see Nagisa putting down Tamao’s basket before opening the door.

    The basket… will never be seen again. Ever. For the rest of the episode.

    Probably a symbolic scene that indicates Nagisa’s seperation from Tamao’s ‘protection’ as she enters the ‘Den of Shizuma’. A continuation from the picnic scene where Shizuma tries to clear Nagisa’s mind of Tamao( to little effect). I would also like to mention at this point that no thanks to Itsuki’s monologue from ‘The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi’ in ‘Lone Island Syndrome’, the concept of ‘Closed Circle’ began to echo within my mind at this point.

    Isolated cabin in the middle of nowhere. Check.
    Heavy storm that prevents movement. Check.
    Dubious character alone with naive girl. Check.

    Damn, the only thing missing is a broken phone line. :P

    Later on, Shizuma informs Nagisa that they will have to stay overnight in the vacation home. Interestingly, the first thing that pops up in Nagisa’s mind is that Tamao would be worried for her. Truly it can be said that Tamao’s imprint is strong in Nagisa’s mind. Shizuma makes a phonecall to Miyuki and Miyuki informs Tamao that Nagisa is stuck with Shizuma for one night.

    “Oh no…”

    Tamao has valid reasons to be concerned, considering the last time she left Nagisa alone with Shizuma for one day. :P Fortunately for Tamao, Shizuma’s nerosis would push Shizuma further away from Nagisa. As you will see later on.

    Back at the vacation home, Shizuma continues to beat around the bush about Sakuragi Kaori, much to the frustration of the viewer. Nagisa however, laps up all the melodrama like a happy puppy. We then witness a pseudo-confession between the two of them, as they both gush about how they brought colour into each other’s life.

    Then we have short scenes of Tamao and Miyuki staring out of the windows… it is interesting to note that when it comes to staring out of the windows, Tamao has a preference to stand in light, while Miyuki is usually shrouded in darkness. This has been quite consistent throughout the series. I suppose it is an analogy that Miyuki’s triangle with Shizuma and Kaori is bleak, while Tamao’s triangle with Shizuma and Nagisa is still filled with hope?

    Moving along again, we come back to Shizuma and Nagisa. Shizuma sees the key on Nagisa’s neck and it triggers her memory, causing her to hallucinate into seeing Nagisa as Kaori. Bad move, Shizuma. Almost as bad as going on a date with Honoka and talking non-stop about Suzuka. Nagisa is overcome with confusion and gets all emotional. At this point, it is not certain why Nagisa is feeling upset.

    Is it because Shizuma is not seeing Nagisa as Nagisa?
    Is it because she feels helpless in helping Shizuma?

    Whether it is the former, the latter, or something else, will help determine the future of the Shizuma&Nagisa pairing.

    Fast forward to the cliff. Am I a bastard for hoping that either of them would jump off the cliff? Anyway… after more crying, Nagisa asks Shizuma,

    “I’m no good… right?”

    Again, this can be interpreted in several ways.

    ..) Nagisa is not good enough to replace Kaori
    ..) Nagisa is a bad girl for confusing Shizuma’s feelings
    ..) Nagisa is unable to make Shizuma forget Kaori
    ..) Etc…

    Cue more moping before the morning arrives. Shizuma wakes up and discovers that Nagisa has fled. I consider this amazing, and I will explain why in ‘Random Thoughts’. The location changes to the Strawberry Dorms where Miyuki and Tamao are waiting for Shizuma and Nagisa to come back. A visibly tired Nagisa collapses into the arms of Tamao and apologises… again( for what?!?!).

    This is almost like a mirror of Ep12′s ending where Nagisa rebounds back into the arms of Tamao after having a terrible time with Shizuma. Will a third time be the charm? Not much plotting going on in this episode, since Nagisa’s trip with Shizuma was a total surprise to Tamao. Thankfully, the Guilt-Complex instilled within Nagisa continued to deliver and mitigated the damage dealt to the Tamao&Nagisa pairing.

    I expect Tamao to fight back in the future episodes in order to prevent more incidents such like these. In the preview, we have Tamao pampering Nagisa like a mother hen, ignoring Nagisa’s pleads. Tamao will need to take care not to suffocate Nagisa though, since her reverse attraction strategy is still working fine.

    Finally, the Ending Eyecatch is of Shizuma crying.
    ~~~~ ~~~~

    Random Thoughts:

    ..) The sheer overusage of the lightning and thunder, and the crashing waves, made it incredibly cheesy, and I found it hard not to laugh at the sheer corniness of it all. I tried, I tried very hard to take some the scenes seriously, but then they would crash a wave and I would succumber to a fit of sniggles. The funniest ones were when they also overlayed it with dramatic piano music. The hallucinating Shizuma scene had ALL THREE, and it made the scene extremely funny instead of dramatic.

    ..) How did Nagisa get back to the dorms? A car was needed to drive them there… Could it be that she actually WALKED all the way back? It would at least explain her tiredness… Dayum…

    ..) Where did the Basket of Guilt go?
    ~~~~ ~~~~

    This concludes the Ep18 entry. Onward to Ep19. :)


  8. Nice analysis Skane :)

    Ya, I agree that all the thunder/lightning, crashing of waves was a bit too much and, as you said, came out very corny and cheesy. Lol!

    I liked how you named the basket ‘The Guilt Basket’ LOL!

    Will be waiting for your next dose…

  9. Ah whoops, the first image link is not working because I accidentally cut off the file extension. The image is a combination of 4 screenshots, so it will take a while to load.

    Simple 4Koma

  10. Nice one skane :D Shizuma always skrew things and Tamao will be the winner XD

  11. There actually did turn out to be Yaya in episode 19, though it was a very brief image of her as a first year in the choir, lol.

    Skane, your stuff is great, it’s always entertaining to read! Heh, episode 20 looks to be Tamao-centric… “Confession”…

    I have a feeling how this is going to end up though, even with Tamao and Nagisa in episode 23… well, I don’t know for sure, but I’m still looking forward to how it’ll turn out. *sigh*

  12. Yay! I am a firm believer in the Suzumi Tamao Conspiricy. I tried to keep that in mind when watching the new episode, and its almost scary how much the episode agrees with what you’re saying.

    I just hope there are none of the following..

    A) Flutes
    B) Rapes
    C) Necklaces of the Sun and Moon
    D) Mech-

    Wait, no. This anime could use some mecha, actually.

  13. Ep19 entry coming up soon. Due to the relatively brief appearance of Tamao, it will be focusing more on my 2nd favourite character, Miyuki, and the parallels between her and Tamao.


  14. Strawberry Panic
    Episode 19: Refrain

    This episode was dedicated to the background story of Kaori, and her relationships with Shizuma and Miyuki. As such, there was practically no Tamao screentime in this episode, and it is not an exaggeration to say that Tamao got more screentime in the Ep20 preview than in the actual Ep19. :P

    Since Kaori is an unknown factor, and I care little for Shizuma, I decided to focus more on Miyuki in this episode. Miyuki has been quite distinct from the rest of the SPanic’s cast in that she is strict and often… responsible. One could say, a reliable girl? That said, beneath that ‘mature’ exterior, Miyuki often revealed a softer side to herself in the earlier episodes, and in Ep19, it was shown that until she became a hardcore Spica-can-kiss-my-petite-little-ass Miator Student Council President(MSCP), she was actually quite the girly little girl, with temper tantrums included.

    “Shizuma, baka!”

    It is no big secret that Miyuki adores Shizuma, and I think if Kaori had never appeared on the scene, that adoration might have turned into full-blown romance. Not that I am an expert on lesbian love, mind. Just stating my opinion.

    Shizuma was also quite flirty and cheeky with Miyuki in the past, and we also know from Ep09 that their relationship is quite close. There has been speculation that Shizuma and Miyuki will end up together at the end of this series, due to events in the future episodes. Since I have not seen these events, I will defer my opinion on such a development until further notice.
    ~~~~ ~~~~

    Brief Episode 19 Summary
    with some inserted thoughts

    Nagisa wakes up and calls out for Tamao, but realises that Miyuki is by her bedside instead. Miyuki begins to apologise for hurting Nagisa, although she does not explain why she is blaming herself yet. In a rare moment of insight, Nagisa asks Miyuki for an explanation and Miyuki begins her narration on the relationship between Kaori, Shizuma and herself.

    Kaori was a transfer student( and a first-year), and due to her illness, was attached to be the room temp for third-years Shizuma and Miyuki( henceforth S&M( stop snickering! :P )). Shizuma was disappointed at this because it meant that instead of the room temp servicing them, they would need to take care of the room temp instead. Miyuki lectures Shizuma about the need to be mature about this and how everybody in Miator look up to them as role models. She also explains the need to take care of Kaori, who has a frail body, and therefore the responsibility was bestowed upon them.

    Shizuma teases Miyuki about who was really the mature one, and Miyuki reveals her ambition to become the MSCP. Shizuma prods Miyuki on her reasons for becoming one, and Miyuki explains that an Etoile would need the backing of a mature MSCP. Shizuma infers correctly that Miyuki hopes Shizuma would become the next Etoile and Shizuma teases Miyuki some more, telling her that if Miyuki ever becomes lonely, Shizuma could go and ‘pick Miyuki up‘ at the Student Council Room. This embarrasses Miyuki enough to throw magazines at a retreating Shizuma who exits the room and starts laughing in the corridor. Hearing Shizuma’s laughter, Miyuki’s tantrum dissipates and she mutters, “Baka”, under her breath and smiles.

    Time passes, and we now see S&M walking towards Kaori’s room to greet her and acknowledge her as their room temp. Shizuma tries to weasel out of the meeting, but Miyuki is adamant and reassures Shizuma that Kaori will be to Shizuma’s liking. When they reach Kaori’s room, and Shizuma lay eyes on Kaori, Shizuma is immediately entranced by Kaori.

    More time passes, and we are shown a midnight tea party between S&M and Kaori. It is Miyuki’s turn to make the tea this time, and a playful exchange begins between S&M as they take turns to tease each other about their weird tastes and call each other names. Kaori intervenes by taking the teacup from Shizuma and proclaiming that Miyuki’s tea has a nice scent and tastes nice. Miyuki is observant though, and notices that Kaori never actually drinks the tea, meaning that Kaori was just being nice to her.

    Even more time passes, and we are now at the vacation home during an evening. The girls are there to go stargazing and in her excitment, Kaori runs ahead to the top of a hill. Reaching the peak of the hill, Kaori is exhuasted and begins to have difficulties breathing. Shizuma shows concern and holds hands with Kaori. Miyuki, the last one out of the house, witnesses this and shows some discomfort about this development, but says nothing of it.

    Night falls, and the girls are memerised by the pretty stars. S&M expresses disappointment about not being able to see the Perseids Meteor Shower as it will only happen later in the year. Kaori becomes melancholic and reveals doubt on whether she would live long enough to be able to see the event occur. S&M cheer her up, and Kaori tells them how she is now happier in her life.

    Fast forwarding to another night, Shizuma and Kaori sneaks out of the dorms to engage in… *erm-hrm* lesbianic activities while Miyuki remains behind in her room. Miyuki probably realises what is going on though, given the night scene where Miyuki is sitting on her bed looking melancholic( perhaps waiting for Shizuma to return?).

    The next day, Miyuki is in Kaori’s room, and Kaori reveals that the Sister caught Shizuma( probably when she was going back to the dorm). Miyuki makes a comment about Shizuma needing to be honest for once( although it seems to be directed more to herself about her need to be honest about her feelings for Shizuma). Kaori surprises Miyuki by embracing her from behind and thanking her for bringing her and Shizuma together. Miyuki tells Kaori that she is welcome, and that she is happy for the both of them too( which is true… to a certain extent).

    One year passes, and we see Miyuki( who is now the MSCP) confronting Shizuma about the Etoile selection. Miyuki demands to know why Shizuma has chosen Kaori to be her partner, when she knows full well that the rigors of Etoile-hood would not bode well for one whose body condition is as frail as Kaori’s. Shizuma gives no answer to Miyuki’s questions.

    Some time passes, and we see S&M visiting Kaori again. Kaori’s condition has been getting worse, and she is no longer even wearing the school uniform. She is dressed instead, in her pyjamas and a medical machine is placed next to her bed.

    S&M go to fill up a bathtub with water and begin bickering. Shizuma reveals to Miyuki that Kaori has reached a terminal stage and does not have long to live. Miyuki is shocked by this news and gets very upset with Shizuma for keeping it a secret from her. In order to prevent Kaori from hearing them argue, Shizuma turns on the shower to drown out their voices.

    Calmed down, S&M begin discussing about the Etoile selection. Shizuma fears that she and Kaori might not succeed because Spica is sending representatives as well. Miyuki is determined however, and declares that Spica can go take a hike because all Shizuma and Kaori need to do is to enter the stage for an automatic win.

    True enough, on the day of contention, Shizuma and Kaori win the Etoile selection process, and we transit to a scene of Miyuki helping Kaori to dress up for her debut appearance as an Etoile. In a very weak condition now, Kaori could barely walk without Miyuki’s assistance and basically collapses into Shizuma’s arms.

    Soon thereafter, on her bed next to the window, Kaori died.

    In the following scenic shots, one of them shows Shizuma gazing at the tree where she and Kaori got it on underneath.

    Later on, we see S&M standing outside Kaori’s room( by now empty). Miyuki comments that she never saw Shizuma cry over Kaori, and Shizuma replies that, that is because Kaori herself never cried in face of her impending death, so she would not cry either. However, after Shizuma enters the room and Miyuki closes the door behind her, Shizuma recalls the time she spent with Kaori and breaks down into tears. Hearing Shizuma cry, Miyuki loses her composure and cries as well.

    And so ends the narrative by Miyuki as we go back to the present in Nagisa’s room where Nagisa is now holding Miyuki from behind. Miyuki concludes her tale by saying that ever since Kaori died, Shizuma had closed her heart to others and still clings tightly to the memory of Kaori. Miyuki then apologies to Nagisa again, explaining now why she was sorry. It was because Miyuki had been using Nagisa as a tool to get Shizuma to open up her heart again, but apparently even Nagisa is unable to unseal Shizuma’s closed heart and make Shizuma forget about Kaori.

    Nagisa makes no replies and cries behind Miyuki’s back. The episode ends with a pan-out shot of the dorm as Nagisa cries.
    ~~~~ ~~~~

    Preview for Episode 20

    Another Tamao-centric episode! REJOICE! Confession? Oh-hoho!

    Tamao-chan Strikes Back!

    Ending shot for Ep19 was Kaori in her Etoile dress.
    ~~~~ ~~~~

    Random Thoughts on Episode 19

    ..) Nagisa called out for Tamao when she woke up! Woo-hoo! The bonds that tie us indeed. :)
    ..) Miyuki justifies her position as the president of the Literary Club once again. Unlike Shizuma who could only babble Kaori’s name over and over again amidst thunder and lightning and crashing waves, Miyuki manages to actually explain the past to Nagisa, with a yuri scene to boot. Miyuki was hot to begin with, but now she has the added bonus of being mature hot as well, and smart, and responsible, and reliable, and a whole lot of other things to boot.
    ..) Tamao has often been portrayed as a the current ‘Miyuki’, but Miyuki was more complicated than that. There were traces of Yaya-ism in Miyuki as well, in that she ‘surrendered’ her own happiness with Shizuma so that Shizuma could find happiness with Kaori instead. Unfortunately for Yaya, Amane ain’t likely to die anytime soon.

    Tamao on the other hand, has shown no sign of surrendering Nagisa. On the contrary, Tamao has been on the offensive, and views Shizuma as a rival, not her better.
    ..) One thing Tamao and Miyuki do share though, is their love of tea… and apparently, midnight tea parties. Tamao’s tea however, is in demand; while Miyuki’s tea is… ^^; It is bad enough when people say they don’t like your tea, but when people pretend to like your tea…

    As for other similarities… both Tamao and Miyuki wear white stockings( Kaori and Shizuma wear black, Nagisa wears none), both are in the Literary Club, and both have blue hair.
    ..) Throughout the entire episode, there was a common theme everytime the trio got together. Shizuma and Kaori would be paired up, while Miyuki looked as though she was photoshopped into the scene. The most blatant one was during the stargazing trip. Shizuma and Kaori were sitting on the fence, while Miyuki was standing BEHIND the fence, seperated from Shizuma and Kaori BY the fence.

    During the initial meeting between Shizuma and Kaori, when they held each other’s hand towards the end, Miyuki’s back was shown to us, standing inbetween Shizuma and Kaori whose faces we could see.

    When the trio went walking around the school, Shizuma and Kaori walked side by side, with Miyuki walking behind them.

    Always portrayed as the third wheel, the gooseberry, the odd one out, etc… Miyuki got the short end of the stick, but not once did she complain about it, and I think she found it hard to do so anyway, because of her sympathy for Kaori’s condition, and the fact that Kaori was always so nice to her.

    It still made Miyuki sad though, as evidenced by her bed scene, and when she talked wistfully about the need to be honest.
    ..) I never get tired of Miyuki laying down the LAW when it comes to Spica. It is not too hard to imagine her executing a wrestling move on the Spica Student Council President and basically owning their asses. Spica has what? The Evil Lesbian Duo and a paper president? No wonder Miator won the Etoile selection. Not to mention that with Miyuki’s Literary Club background, their marketing campaign would have surely been creative and solid.

    Spica or whoever… I’ll crush them ALL!
    ..) Will Nagisa ever replace Kaori? If not, it would be a huge advantage to the Tamao&Nagisa pairing.
    ..) During the scene where Kaori was walking towards Shizuma, it occured to me that it would have been infinitely AWESOME if Kaori had collapsed into Shizuma’s arms, whisper to Shizuma, “Goal…” and died there and then.

    Yes, yes… I’m a sick bastard. If you get the joke, good for you. If not, you have not been watching enough KyoAni-made anime. ^^;
    ~~~~ ~~~~

    Whew! I never expected to write more than 2000 words, but that was mostly thanks to the episode summary. I now have even more respect for people like Omni who writes multiple episodic summaries on a daily basis. This entry took me several hours to compose( with breaks inbetween). Focusing on Miyuki this time has been fun, and Ep19 justifies my liking for her.

    Random screenshot of Tamao

    I look forward to viewing Ep20. Until next time then, cheers! And thanks for reading. :)

  15. Ep20 is gold. :D

    Lots of Tamao screentime in this one, and one particular scene just cracked me up,

    Why… I wonder?


    I’ll expand more on the inherent humour in that scene in the full-fledge entry.


  16. yes skane…I can’t wait to read your thoughts for EP 20 and 21 too XD

  17. *begins to laugh like a maniac because she’s already seen ep 20*

    I wonder why, indeed? XD! But as good as 20 is…. 21 takes the cake with the most random, awesome kiss EVER.

  18. Hmm… since it has been over half a month, I will go ahead first and post my own views on Ep20. Ep21 is currently being written, with Ep22-23 to be watched and reviewed soon. Due to this backlog, I will most probably skip the episode summaries in the future entries.
    ~~~~ ~~~~

    Episode 20:

    Bow-chika-wawa! Bow-chika-wawa!
    Go Tamao! Go Tamao!
    Go Tamao, go!

    With Shizuma’s self-destruction in Ep18 and the current vulnerability of Nagisa, Tamao moves in to set up for the kill. Ep20 also reveals that the rest of the 4th-year Miator girls have sufficient self-preservation skills.
    ~~~~ ~~~~

    Brief Episode Summary:
    Tamao-focused Only.
    Along with some inserted comments.

    Tamao is once again the narrator for the episode( we sure get a lot of them don’t we? Good times, good times), which opens up with an autumn scene before focusing on Tamao walking along a leaf-strewed path as the narration begins. The Etoile election is getting heated up with Miator, Spica and Lulim taking part.

    Lulim? Really? And just who are their representatives?

    We flashback to the previous episode’s ending scene, where Nagisa is sobbing her heart out behind Miyuki. The episode then produces a twist.

    Tamao-san was there, outside the room next to the door listening… Tamao knows. Tamao knows all.

    *Title Screen*

    The next morning, Nagisa appears to be hyperactive and all smiles as she bounces around the room, but Tamao knows better and is well aware that Nagisa is merely putting up a front. The iron is ripe for the striking, but if Tamao approaches Nagisa directly now, Nagisa would surely deny that something is wrong( because she would not want to bother her friends); and if Tamao persists in pursuing the matter by herself, it would very likely strain the bonds between her and Nagisa.

    So Tamao needs to take a different approach to the matter. An indirect assault, so to speak.

    Emo-Shizuma scene at the Greenhouse.

    A classroom scene. Tamao is getting worried. Nagisa’s defences are weak now, and she needs to take advantage of the situation before Nagisa becomes a shell of her former self. There is no fun to be had in tormenting a zombie.

    Hikari burns Yaya.

    Another emo-Shizuma scene at the tree where she and Kaori made love.

    Scene switches to Tamao and Nagisa walking together to a picnic spot. All of a sudden, Tamao gets flustered and ushers a confused Nagisa away from the path. As it turns out, Shizuma was walking on the path from the opposite direction. Nagisa did not see Shizuma, but Shizuma did see Nagisa and sighs before walking off the path as well to avoid the pair.

    Hikari and Amane scene.

    Emo-Yaya scene.

    More emo-Shizuma scenes in Kaori’s room.

    It is dinner-time now, and the girls of SPanic chatter among themselves. Chiyo notices that Nagisa is barely touching her food, but with her pitiful comprehensive skills, fails to notice that something is wrong with Nagisa. Kagome( the teddy girl) on the other hand, displays observance, and begins to plot on her own( because we all know that when it comes to anime, it takes but a single act of kindness to make a person fall hopelessly in love for you).

    On their way back to their room, Nagisa announces suddenly that she has forgotten something and runs away from Tamao. Tamao feels sad of course, since the object of her affection is running away from her.

    As it turns out, Nagisa ran to the piano room to get all emo and such, recalling her memories of the times she spent with Shizuma. Her thoughts get interupted though, by the sudden appearance of Kagome. Kagome begins her assault as she probes Nagisa about her hidden crying, and Nagisa finally loses her composure and breaks down onto her knees.

    Cue the entrance of Tamao. ^^;

    Now that Nagisa has opened herself up in Tamao’s hands, Tamao takes the initiative and shoos off the rest of the girls from taking Nagisa away from her clutches for the night.

    Girls moping about Nagisa.

    Evil Lesbian Duo(ELD) plotting.

    Lulim girls asking Chikaru for help on cheering up Nagisa.

    Emo-Nagisa trying to throw away the key to Shizuma’s vacation home.

    The girls plan to make foodie goodies for Nagisa to cheer her up.

    Tamao makes her debut shower scene. Coming out from the bathroom, she notices Nagisa moping on the bed before hearing a knock on their door. The visitor turns out to be Miyuki and she asks about Nagisa’s condition. Tamao requests that Nagisa be left alone for now, and Miyuki agrees.

    Scenes of the girls making foodie goodies for Nagisa.

    Hikari burns Yaya, part two.

    Tamao returns to her room and finds Nagisa up and sitting on her bed. Nagisa begins to mope and tells Tamao that perhaps it would have been better if she had never come to Miator in the first place. Never one to let opportunity pass, Tamao launches an attack using Reverse Sympathy as she tells Nagisa her own tale of woe.

    After she concludes her tale, Tamao proceeds to tell Nagisa that everybody loves her, and when Nagisa wonders what she meant by that, Tamao goes to the door and opens it up, revealing the rest of girls who promptly fall through.

    Cue tea party.

    Left alone once again in their room, Tamao leans over a sleeping Nagisa, confesses to her, and kisses her.

    Episode Ends.
    ~~~~ ~~~~

    Preview was darn cute with Nagisa telling Tamao that she had a dream about Tamao, and how Tamao behaved differently from the ‘normal’ Tamao that Nagisa knew.
    ~~~~ ~~~~

    The Conspiracy of Suzumi Tamao: Ep20

    Suzumi Tamao returns with a vengence in this episode after her absence in the previous two episodes. Playing the ‘Protector’ once again, she claims to be shielding Nagisa from the rest of the world, when in fact, it is because she wants to solidify her status as Nagisa’s dependable guardian. The others do not question Tamao’s motives, as they are afraid of inflicting further harm onto Nagisa’s psyche. All in all, a very good situation for Tamao, as she can now kill off the potential romantic bonds between Nagisa and the rest of the girls, while strengthening her own.

    Kagome was also played for a tool when Tamao appeared after Kagome’s success in breaking Nagisa’s shell. Instead of being the one to comfort Nagisa, Tamao stole her thunder and became the shoulder to cry on instead.

    Tamao also continued her policy of reverse psychology when she told Nagisa her own tale of woe. In Reverse Sympathy, Man-A tells Man-B a sob story hoping to gain some sympathy. However, Man-B tells Man-A an even bigger sob story, making Man-A realise that his situation is not so bad after all and gives sympathy to Man-B instead.

    The classic tale of, “So you think YOU have it bad, eh?”

    With Nagisa feeling better about herself now and having more feelings to anchor herself to Tamao, Tamao finally decides to let the rest of the world in and firmly establish herself as a good girl in the eyes of the rest of the girls.

    PR cannot be underestimated, especially when one has aspirations for Etoile-hood. From shadowry dealings with Miyuki to showacting in front of girls from the THREE different schools, Tamao is well on her way to being nominated for Etoile.
    ~~~~ ~~~~

    Random Thoughts on Ep20:

    ..) Shizuma has her Tree of Love. Nagisa has her piano.

    ..) Hikari&Amane going strong.

    ..) I swore I heard John Woo music when Yaya was feeding the pigeons.

    ..) What is written on the papers in Kaori’s room?

    ..) Kagome is a Ninja. She has the ability to stealth up to Nagisa.

    ..) Tamao however, is Batman. She stealthed up to Kagome as well.

    ..) Speaking of stealth… Tamao is like freaking everywhere. She sees all, hears all, and knows all. Chikaru might be the only girl Tamao cannot spy on.

    ..) Unlike Tamao&Nagisa in which the intimacy barrier is practically zero( and negative means insertion( I’m so going to burn for this :P )), the distance of the barrier has increased between Hikari and Yaya. Unless Amane falls off her horse and breaks her neck or something, I would not bet on any Hikari&Yaya possibilities.

    ..) Miyuki brings Tamao to her world of shadows, next to a window. Seriously. Miyuki likes to stand next to windows in the dark. :P

    ..) The funniest part of the episode was Tamao’s sob story, especially when Tamao wonders why nobody wanted to bunk with her. Hmm… could it be her need to measure her roommate’s vital statistics? Her love of scream recordings? Her possessiveness? I can just about imagine the rest of the 4th-years running away from Tamao when she went about asking for roommates.

    But wouldn’t that imply that her PR is bad, you ask? Well, as Chiyo explains to us, it is the juniors that support Tamao. After all, Tamao has no need to hunt them down for roommates, so she can afford to put on the face of an Angel in front of her juniors( such as the time she tutored Chiyo).

    Nagisa’s appearance must have been a Godsend to the 4th-years, and when she conveniently fainted due to Shizuma, it must have been an unanimous vote over her ‘dead body’ that Nagisa be dumped with Tamao so that Tamao would stop harassing the rest of the 4th-years. Tamao is happy to have a ‘victim’ for three years, the rest of the 4th-years are happy to be spared from Tamao’s fetishes, and Nagisa is happy to have a ‘true friend’.
    ~~~~ ~~~~

    Onwards to Ep21. :)

    Cheers, and thanks for reading.

  19. More more more skane… I love reading your thoughts. It’s hillarious XD

  20. In the midst of watching Ep22 now, and I would just like to say that the ELD are truly the weakest links in SPanic. Watching them is like having your tooth drilled.

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