The Lone Island Syndrome I (Ep IX)

For adherents of Yukiism, this episode marks the first episode (in both Kyon and Haruhi orders) where we can celebrate the sight of St Nagato-chi in casual clothes and in swimwear!

This is also an episode where the anime diverges significantly from the novel’s relevant chapter. The anime gives Haruhi a bigger role in how the plot unravels; there’s no Haruhi x Kyon cave scene in the novel; Kyon’s imouto doesn’t join them for the visit in the novel version.

The anime also cuts out some really cute lines about Yuki e.g. prior to boarding the ferry, Kyon describes her thus: “For once, Nagato was not wearing her uniform, but a checkered sleeveless shirt. Carrying a yellowish-green umbrella, she gave the impression of a weak girl who just came out of the hospital.” Now, how moé is that!!? Or Itsuki’s introduction of the SOS Dan to Yukuta: “This is Nagato Yuki-san. Her grades are so good she’s seen as an encyclopedia never seen before in this world. She doesn’t talk much, but that’s where her charm point is.” *Zyl nods vigorously*

With respect to episode shuffling, Mysterique Sign showed Yuki at the centre of that particular incident and carrying it perfectly. Lone Island is Itsuki’s own machination and it goes rather less smoothly than Yuki’s but also involves the mobilization of more resources. Interesting contrast in the ways in which the ESPer and Integrated Sentient Data Entity representative try to keep Haruhi from being bored. Mikuru simply serves that purpose just by being there, as Haruhi’s plaything.

Loved how Yuki looked so softly at Kyon when it was his turn to draw a card from her. And of course how she went back to reading her book when she was "out". Of course, there was also moé drinking from a can as per my previous post on this episode.

Disembarkation from the ferry.

By speedboat to the island.

This particular screencap shows Haruhi as being a whole head taller than Yuki or Mikuru. Which I think fits the novel and her character design better.

A character for every preference. Wiseguy male harem lead, tsundere, cute hapless helpless girl, loli-siscon, strong n’ silent type. The cute Mikuru clinging to the edge of Yuki’s dress screenshot is elsewhere.

Yuki in a swimsuit!! The other screenshots of her water-skiing and on a float. Fanart and supplementary magazine art:

This is a good sofa…

I thought that last one was for the swimming pool part of the Endless Eight chapter that didn’t get animated but it seems that Yuki wears the regulation school swimsuit there – though, of course, the first and second pieces of art above don’t conform the anime design either.

Yuki eating her prawns in a swift and mechanical manner. Given how she nibbled on her club sandwich in Boredom, perhaps she really likes prawns?

Another big change from the novel is that the anime takes out the bit about Haruhi and gang getting smashed on red wine. Yuki is a “bottomless pit” though. LOL It’s the whole drunken episode that is used to create the uncertainty that Haruhi might have unleashed her powers while under the influence and thus really resulted in Keiichi being killed. It might have been fun if the anime could have incorporated that but, other than showing minors (18 in Japan?) indulging in alcohol, it might have made things rather messier for KyoAni to portray.

Fireworks on the beach and night patrol!

Green seems to be Yuki’s theme in this episode – that’s her third green outfit so far.

One of the most hilarous Yuki moments. Just love how she effortlessly drives Haruhi up the wall. And, of course, I just have to add this oh-so-moé image as well.

* Zyl explodes *

Tenma’s Queen commands are more far-out though.

Green jammies!

New outfit for the third day. See how she runs! Cliffhanger.

13 thoughts on “The Lone Island Syndrome I (Ep IX)

  1. Everyone else has already done loli-in-a-bag. Anyway loli-in-a-bag is not Yukiism.

  2. It is interesting that Yuki loses some of the games here. Of course, she wasn’t into those games and they involved more of chance than thinking.

  3. “…and they involved more of chance than thinking.”

    That won’t stop Yuki at all. She was merely uninterested in winning; the more rounds she win, the less time allowed for reading.

  4. I have to admit Kyon imouto stole this ep for me…. although Yuki tan’s ‘daisuki’ had me ‘rawr-rawring’ on the floor. :)

  5. Hmm, anyone notice the fact that, in the Pingpong game groupings in the anime, it seems that Haruhi and Kyon were matched together in the championship?

  6. Now this apaer pushing day at the office ain’t so bad…

    Any one notice that Imotou-san was wearing green as well, perhaps she will learn the moe ways of Yuki-san and Mikuru-ran. In some of those shots unless my eyes are failing it seems that Haruhi-sama’s height fluctuates a bit. Though the public drunkeness and bacchanal was dropped, Yuki-san Daisuki and loli in a bag had me rolling.

    Daisuki indeed.

  7. I might just be being stupid here but shuoldn’t this be the second to last episode if we’re going in chronological order? My only reason for thinking this is that Kyon makes refernce to a previous over night trip which we haven’t seen yet.
    Now either the over might trip is simply not shown due to lack of events or maybe the episode will be in another series and the episode shuffle is more shufled than we thought…

    While I’m rambling, I love the pouting look on Yuki’s face in this pic.

  8. Chronologically, this episode (aside from its continuation) comes before the Adventures of Asahina Mikuru 00, as it happens during the Summer Break (where the events of Endless Eight occurs as well), whereas the making of the movie (as told in the Sighs novel) occurs at near-autumn.

    Kyon *does* mention something, but it isn’t a trip at all (you see it referenced near the start of Mysterique Sign), and it only happened between Kyon and Mikuru.

    The only other overnight trip done by the SOS-dan that comes to mind is the one described in Snow Blizzard Syndrome, but if one followed the anime timeline, it hasn’t actually happened yet.

  9. I think I look like a dehidrated junky right now.

    I have been fapping non stop and I can’t move anymore.

    Yuki will be the death of me I swear.

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