Lilics's meido Chii

Hung‘s famous words on his debut podcast, “I’m not lolicon, I just. like. cute. little. girls.” struck home with me. I will now admit much to my meido-fetishing brethens’ disappointment that I don’t have meido-con, I. just. like. maid. uniforms. This largely explains today’s purchase. Lilic‘s non-scaled (although it feels like a 1/7 to me) meido-fuku Chii of Chobits fame.

Unlike siscon, which is an acquired taste, I fell in to love with Chii’s outfit the instant I lay eyes on it. The elaborate, layered white frills with that suggestive tinge of pink and that innocent white apron restrained by naughty black lace (at the back) plus that short pert meido-dress that promises paradise. Man, if I start a campus, I’m make this fabulous outfit the seifuku.

Beside lovely uniform, I’m rather taken with the pose too. Kneeling’s always good because it’s humbling and well I like humble folks. The slightly raised hand also suggests an uncertain yearning as she hesitates and struggles in her shoujo heart. Just makes me want to fulfill her desires. Man, I’ve never felt so much for a figure before.

Despite gushing ceaselessly about meido-Chii, she’s in truth not a particularly well-made figure. For display purposes, she looks wonderful, without blemish from afar. But upclose, she’s a rather flawed product. Her beautiful sculpt is betrayed by 2nd rate finishing. The paint job was shoddy at several places (although given the complexity of the sculpt, I understand the challenges). Some seams were also not well-concealed and leading to some prominent lines showing up conspicuously on the figure (thigh and back of head etc) The chunky bales of hair also did not compliment the fine work that went into the pretty frills.

Nevertheless, meido-Chii has my love. This figure reminds me so much of Kanon (Toei) and AIR (KyoAni); deeply flawed yet well loved by me. Happiness bought for 5600 yen. Can’t ask for more.

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  1. Stripey, your disclamier is useless. we know what you are, a loli-medio-sis con. Be proud of your darkside stripey, there is no need to hide it. You are among your own kinds here in the darkness. One day we will rise up and all woman will have to dress in medio uniforms =D

  2. You would be able to start up your own university if you stopped spending like this Stripey ;)

    Anyway, cheers on your continuous journey to the Dark Side (TM). mwhahahaha

  3. damn you stripey, damn you… you just HAD to show us the promised land, now, didn’t you…

    congrats on the purchase… i need a chi figure to offset this growing f/sn harem… gotta have “some” balance XD

    oooo it seems moyism approves :D lol

  4. Stripey, there is no escape from what you are – a loli-meido-siscon, as Xellos pointed out. :D All you can do is try to avoid being infamous for it… but again, we’re a little late for that. ;)

    Still, it doesn’t look like a BAD figure from afar.. although I think I like the Swimsuit Tessa figure more that Riuva’s recently reviewed.

  5. Actually I don’t like the figure that much to be perfectly honest. I just approved of Stripey spending money on anything remotely related to anime XD

  6. Of course, Sir Stripey just likes the meido uniform, whether on man or woman it is only the uniform he is in love with… even in his ficticious sis-con campus the males strut around meidofuku.

    In fact such such is his sitituation that he is to meido-loli-siscon as Zyl is to Luna and yuri.

    Face it you have a uniquely geeky Stripey Freak Flag, wave it proudly. Heck not even the E-7s could dissuade me from my Yuki-san wall paper at work. If any of us had problems with you meido-loli-siscon why in the name of LOL-tan’s Fang would we even be here. :P

    With each passing moment you make yourself more a servant of PVC Meido Chii-chan. It is useless to resist. You like Miao are now Meido-con.

    Strange this is, is this the same “spend into debt for PVC” moyism now giving financial advice to his new apprentice?

    Zyl, Nauzron: There is a substantial reward for the one who forces the Tanuki out of the closet. You are free to use any methods neccessary, but I want him alive. No disintegrations!

  7. Xellos-_^/Crusader : I have realised that I must be the one to bring balance to the Force. And for The One to herald the dawn of righteousness, he’d first need to unreservedly embrace darkness (ala Lord Vader). Now if you’d excuse me, I have a Zyl to force a meido uniform into. :)

    moyism: Ah.. so this is how it feels when the one is led on a triumphant procession to the cauldron :P

    kablaq: MWAHAHAHA!! Yes, my motto (which I believe is also Moy’s) is “”I’m not going down alone!”” I still think it’s a worthy purchase. Do just check the finishing worksmanship if you can before laying the moolah for it. And that portrait of paradise? Believe of not, I was trying to emphasize the superb sculpting details of the frilly skirt. :)

    Haesslich: heh thanks. That’s really sound advice albeit a little late with all my supposed fetish-liberating posts self-destructing. :P I’m really keen to acquire a Tessa figure myself But since I find swimsuits generally too bland, I’m still waiting for that Tessa figure to add to my collection. She in mithril-uniform would be swell…. :)

    Tsubaki: haha… my 3rd actually… this is embarrassing… hazukashii minaide! :)

    crimson: Glad you like it! If you are keen to acquire it, I can direct you to the shop although they only have 3 left after my acquistion.

    Zyl: Maybe I’m allergic to them? LOL!!

  8. thanks for the thought Stripey, but it is now a law of nature that i not collect display entities anymore.

    I’ve restricted my collections to guitars though i only have 2 of them and i forsee i wont be exceeding 5 at any one time ;)
    Maybe one day, i’ll upgrade my collections to a harem or maid squad or bishoujo battalion orgibberishblabberthatgoesonforever

  9. Stripey, glad that you seen the light. You don’t have o hide what you are, except the cops and any other sane and law abiding human being.

  10. The Force is with you young Stripey, but you are not a Sith Lord of Meido-loli-sis-con yet. You feel the Force, but you cannot control it. This is a dangerous time for you when you will be financially tempted by the PVC. Consume you it will as it does to all of Moyism’s apprentices.

    If you choose to face Zyl you will do it alone we cannot interfere.

  11. Stripey: yep, that’s just one of my many mottos. I also use “It’s insert-name-of-someone-else’s fault that I bought this!” which I have used many of a times to rationalize purchases. “You know you are gonna buy it anyway so…” is another good one to use on those you know you can push over the edge.

    Crusader: I have apprentices?! That’s a first! I thought I only slightly push individuals into the direction they were going to go in anyway. May as well get them there faster right? ;)

  12. Bland? She has a P90. :D See Riuva’s review at – the figure’s very well done, right down to all the details on Tessa… if not the gun itself.

    Moyism: The apprentices are all those you’ve inspired to blog the past few years. Unleash them as an invincible fanboy army, already. ;)

  13. It is as Haesslich pointed out your growing legion of the most notorious bloggers are all apprentices to Darth Moyism. Just be sure to never refer to them as an entire legion of your finest troops, or make comments about being quite safe from a pitiful little band.

    Heck at this point I would follow Darht Moyism to the gates of hell than George W., George W. Smith from city council he ran back in 1993 in Oakland. You might not have heard about it.

  14. crimson: You may change your mind after you see Dark Saber… :P I. was. floored. :) But of course to each his own. All the best for your guitar harem collection too :)

    moyism: Thank you for your guidance my master. Now to try these Jedi mind tricks on Zyl… :)

    Hasselich: hehe that’s a fine Tessa sculpt indeed. But still I prefer flashy costumes like say… goth-loli with lots of pleats and frills or ribbons :P Swimsuits no matter how well sculpted remains hmm one-dimensional for me. :P It’s just me I think :)

    Crusader: You know you are of Darth Moy’s legion if you use “to moy” in daily speech. :P

  15. I have not yet been seduced by the Dark Side, but with the inevitable arrival of Haruhi-sama, Yuki-san, and Fang-tan PVC I may yet become an agent of evil. I have not yet used “to moy” in daily speech.

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