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I feel obligated to blog Chokotto Sister. I get the feeling that my fellow siscon brethens would bar my entry to imouto paradise should I overlook this series. Well, brothers-in-arms(-of-your-kawaii-imoutos), I regret to report that ChokoSis seems to be lacking in that incestuous passion we were all pandering for…. and I’m actually thankful for it.

Since the manga had stopped just short of being hentai, I was really glad for the limited fanservice which served as mere garnishing to enhance the magical moments in the anime. (Argh, I can’t believe I just labelled lolicious panty flashes as ‘magical’. I need rehab.) In fact, if the debut is any indication of the series’ tone, I would expect ChokoSis to be a sweet series focused on sibling love with some nice poignant moments. I had particularly enjoyed Onii-chan’s flashback. The crushing hospital revelation and earnest bedside prayer were some of the best moments for me this ep.

Unfortunately, this probable scenario of pure sibling love is also what I deemed to be its Achilles heel. I’m quite certain Choko is not going to function as love interest (Love interest for now appears to be florist onee-san who wears a diamond ring on her neck… dun dun dun) and for a character-driven series, I’m skeptical how it can sustain 24 episodes without a dramatic, taboo romance with siblings at the helm. Sure, there’s no doubt their relationship would anchor all peripheral relations, but it’s just less intense when the sibling-protagonists are not in love with each other. I mean, come on, you have the word ‘sister’ in your title and there’s no incest siscon? Surely you tease, Nomad.

Of course I could be wrong. After all, one can interpret Onii-chan’s rechannelling of xmas gift as a foreshadowing transferance of romantic aspirations unto Choko in future. But executing that would require bringing Choko’s mental/emotional maturity up to par to make for meaningful and intended romantic interaction with Onii-chan. This development could potentially have Choko outgrow her innocuous charm that so defines this series.

For now, I’m really curious about the path the series will take. Looking forward to the next ep.

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  1. Ah, you made an entry on the series… and the series stops WELL short of hentai – it’s ecchi, but that’s mostly because either Choko has no body modesty, or because we see Makoto or the landlady in varying states of undress. So far, they’ve deviated from the manga some (in the manga, he gets beat up by two people who were intent on being lolicons to his new sister before she cunningly drove them off by pretending to lead some cops over that way), but it still works out.

    Choko’s purpose in the manga was never to be a love interest – she loves onii-chan, but in a ‘pure’ way, rather than in the “gotta-get-Onii-chan” way that Maika from Magikano or Nemu from Da Capo… or the whole female cast of Sister Princess engage in. In some ways, it’s Chobits – in other ways, it’s your standard love triangle story (which is what carries it along, on top of Haruma and Choko adapting to one another as siblings). The complications which come from her trying to figure out why he’s happy or sad when the love triangle has its ups (when Ayano acts more friendly towards Haruma) and downs (when Haruma discovers Ayano has a fiance, and the things that happen in THAT) are what drive part of the storyline as well. She’s clueless, she wants him to be happy.. and this is ONE area she can’t even begin to understand, much less ‘help’ him with.

    You’re only unhappy because you’re a siscon-loving bugger. ;) Not every brother-sister relationship in anime has to delve into incest or forbidden love, after all – just as not every interaction men and women have in anime or the real world has to end in a hot love affair. You can only take the Chobits analogy so far before it breaks down when it comes to this series; as far as I’m concerned, the fact they haven’t even thought about forbidden love, and yet they have to learn to live with various things (Haruma has to learn to be considerate of a sister’s feelings, Choko has to learn that onii-chan can love other people – and in ways that she’ll not understand – while also having a life outside of her) that make the story go along.

    That, and Makoto acting like a grown up, drunken lesbian version of Miu after Nobue inducted her into the ways of lolicon, binge-drinking, casual work, and equally casual fondling and voyeurism. Makoto manages to see more naked women, or ‘handle their goods’ than everyone else in the series combined… or for that matter, several series’ worth of characters combined.

  2. >> just as not every interaction men and women have in anime or the real world has to end in a hot love affair.

    LOL! Hasselich, no truer words uttered on this blog. :) Thanks for your insights. Many gems in there. Actually part of my me do recognise the intended thrust of the series. Only that my bigoted interest in all things sisterly tends to add a romantic hue to sibling interactions. Plus, I couldn’t pass on the hope of seeing potential high-drama over taboo relationships in a delicious setup as such. I’m under the impression that ChokoSis would have a lot more to work with if they adopted the romantic path for Onii/Choko instead of the blander siblings-growing-up-together route. But now that you have ascertained a well constructed love triangle despite excluding Choko as love interest, there is much promise in the series then. :)

    DrmChsr0: haha.. err thanks… now I’m just hoping they approach me for Da Capo Live action. I’ll make a good “Nii-san” I promise!

  3. crimson, I see you belong to the same support group as stripey. ;)

    Incidentally, everyone’s done the forbidden love aspect… which is why I’m glad they’re not following that route, especially since there are enough landmines for them to explode otherwise – the love triangle, Ayano’s thing with her fiance who wants to break it off with her; the landlady’s unrequited love (and slightly perverse imagination); Makoto acting like a drunken older version of Miu post-Nobue brainwashing (in the last few chapters of Vol 4, she tries to get a certain SOMEONE who doesn’t know better to strip for the camera); and I also wonder how his parents will react when someone tells them “Oh, you have such a cute daughter…” when Haruma’s mother never gave birth to one, and is now sterile post-miscarriage.

    Fun times. Especially with the Miu-like Makoto, and constant landlady fanservice.

  4. Incidentally, to judge by the other comments in other blogs, am I the only person who watches this without wanting incest? I’m starting to think that every other reader of the manga or viewer of the anime in the blogosphere’s wanting forbidden sex with their own siblings or something… :D

  5. crimson: YES! My insidious indoctrination is almost complete.. :)

    Haesslich: I’m sold! Looks like they DO have enough material for a full series. Here’s hoping Nomad would be able to strike that right balance of ecchi-fun with story progression.

    Addendum: Actually I kind of blame the source material for creating such expectations. I mean hadaka apron and all with dear brother.. :P I believe the anime is deliberately shunning that route which I think is a good thing since you had shown that they have enough story to work with w/o delving into siscon. Add me to that list. :)

  6. Stripey: There’s already one guy interested in Choko, and he’s her age. He was the one watching her eat her ice cream cone in the page that Kurogane put up a while ago… and he sure got hot and bothered by it. :D There’s also the rich friend of Choko’s who she ran into on the street one day, and the elementary school class she befriended. They’re missing quite a few people from the series so far, and I don’t expect to see them – a bit of a pity, really, especially with the guy who’s interested in her and the girl who she befriended being two characters who bring a little extra something to the manga.

    I expect we’ll see Haruma’s sempai sometime, though – she exploits him mercilessly… which led to one of the friendly Ayano moments, at least indirectly.

  7. Haess: uhm, no. Its just that when i see this, some scenes from magikano (oni chan!) or from zyl’s comic strip(ey)s nauzron comes into mind (related to the sounding off of oni chan~~~~~~ again) :P

    I think its innately hardwired into me. If she’s just a sister, i find it hard to be interested in them beyond siblings hood.
    day1: omg she’s so hot!
    day2: ahwtf, she’s just my sister.

    stripey: at least from the choko comic link, i’m sure she’ll be most happy with your requite appreciations :D

  8. Crimson: You can blame Stripey for the programming, if you want. ;) Seriously, some of the comments I’ve seen elsewhere suggest people want to stop watching the show because they’re not showing naked or semi-naked loli (Choko)… which to me suggests that some people have serious problems, and make the guy who runs Lolitron seem completely upright and staid in comparison. The manga isn’t THAT ecchi, although at times it does skirt along the edge of acceptable… unlike the anime so far.

    As noted before, part of the appeal is the Chobits-like raising that Haruma has to guide Choko through… and part of it’s the triangles which Haruma gets involved in, thanks to his unrequited feelings for Ayano, and the landlady’s (Serizawa) feelings for him… and also how he has to deal with Choko – who demands attention – while juggling other parts of his life.

  9. LOL, omg haess, i think i can understand these pple. They feel ‘cheated’ :P
    Based on that view, they are right to be mad though.

    I feel the same way in mahou shoujo tai’s preview VS what was actually shown in the series…cheated. I was expecting high flying actions vs overgrown bosses with gigantic attack beams. But there was none of it in the actual thing.

  10. Crimson: I’m just glad they cleaned it up somewhat; the art was great, but I was just a little worried about whether the series would draw some negative attention (aka: get nailed as the Next Great Evil From Japan) for the slightly nature of the ecchi from the manga. As it is, I’m worried about whether they’ll follow the manga storylines or not – the bra shopping episode has to show up in here somewhere, if only so we can get some Serizawa fanservice (and boy, her figure’s… well, everyone but Choko has one).

  11. The artwork is cute …. not much else to say unless someone fansubs it.

  12. All I can say after the first episode is that this series is not my cup of tea.

  13. Gotta love the responses to this so far – “too much siscon” (when there’s none) or “not enough siscon” (because there is none, and they’ve cut out some of the fanservice). :D

  14. Hmmm actually the more I dwell on it, the more I think it’s the antidote to siscon. :) Looking forward to see how they set the tone in ep 2.

  15. I was going to blog this because I’d heard it was siscon and the incest section of my site is nowhere close to large enough, but they’re not relatives. How un-fun. Give me back Koi Kaze. Christmas presents for the lose.

  16. Haha yeah. I dunno, siscon don’t seem to be the in thing now. Yuri and daddy-con appear to be invading the market. I’m still waiting for that siscon series this year to sweep us all off our feet. :)

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