Pani Poni Dash! 9

It’s the summer holidays and Becky’s former mentor, an archeology professor, summons her to his island dig. She’s joined by the 1-C clique. Crazy stuff happens and an annoying meido/special forces/airhead type character but it turns out the prof just wanted to check on Rebecca. He’s pleased that her students are helping her to be more social and that she hasn’t turn into an evil criminal genius.

Himeko <3 Becky!

I love the Indiana Jones outfit and the tangential reference to Mesousa being kidnapped.

Hau-hau. LOL

Oh good grief, I do hate that Kamen Rider guy, even if it is a parody.

The girls fall through some quicksand in a cave and end up Brazil. Himeko joins in the dancing of course and it’s Ichijou who gets them back to the island – which is made even more awesome because we’re not shown and have to imagine it via the other girls thanking her.

Sexy Rei eye-catch!

Himeko implodes due to another display of Becky’s dazzling intellignece. She recovers pretty quickly though. Stupid people must have +10 on their CON to compensate for their ease of blundering into damage.

Ichijou (and the sister that she pulls out of her shirt) wander into the aliens’ land base. They use their memory erasure device and send her back later but she can still see them watching her and apparently still has her memories intact. The aliens are, of course, terrified and aghast. LOL

The professor starts to reminisce about Becky’s undergrad days. Given her age, that’s like your parents telling your friends about the most embarrassing moments of preteen years. Rei’s order to have Becky removed and tied up so they can hear the stories and see the photos in peace were hilarous. Even Good Girl Rokugou gets into the act.

Haha, just loves the way Rei treats Becky like a little kid sister and the way Becky lets Rei get away with it.

And time for some Himeko-lovin’ – unlike Tomo, Himeko is dumb in a good-natured (rather than malicious) sort of way. This makes her much less irritating and even somewhat endearing as her affection for Becky just feels so genuine. I can see what she’s got a fanbase and her energetic voice complements Becky’s bored brattiness in the drama CDs.

Becky gets validation and love from the gang.

Of course, the professor reveals his fear that she’s really an evil criminal genius.

More Rei Terror 4TW.

Summer’s out and school’s back. Rei terrorises Becky again. I would have preferred another curtain-hugging hau-hau instead of the flying into the sky thing but we’ve already had one of the usual hau-haus at the start already so I’m still satisfied. Haha!