WordPress 2.0.3 Problems

I upgraded both “Hontou ni…” blogs onto WP 2.0.3 and it’s not been a happy fun time. I’ve found the confirmation screen for editing of comments and links to be massively irritating. For the former, I’m also getting additional backlashes before apostrophes after editing has been completed. Meanwhile Stripey has been experiencing some problems in how his RSS feed is being excerpted by the anime blog aggregators. However I’m not going to go into a frenzy just yet as both blogs still retain reasonable functionality. Instead what I’ll do is to wait for the next upgrade. Just thought I’d drop a note on this in case any other anime bloggers are also thinking of upgrading.

8 thoughts on “WordPress 2.0.3 Problems

  1. After I read the support notes for the upgrade, I decided to hold off on it. It’s got something to do with the new way they wish to handle security using something called nonce. There are a few fixes out there, and I remember seeing a plugin somewhere that fixes the backslash bug and kills the stupid messages.

  2. Thank god for laziness and in-active blogging that I haven’t upgraded any of my blogs either. Random note, life line by line is still running WP 1.5 without issues surprisingly enough ^^;;

  3. re: Kabitsin

    I think that must have been at Alex King’s place, I remember reading about it. I still use WP 1.5.3, but I eventually would like to change over.

  4. I’m glad that I haven’t upgraded just yet. Thanks for letting us know about the problems you’ve been experiencing.

  5. Hmm. Good to know. I was about to upgrade, but hey, 2.02 works pretty good for me, so I’ll wait on it.

  6. scottfrye, thanks for the links. Argh, can’t stand it anymore – have just installed and activated the tuneup plug-in and looks good so far.

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