Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu 10

I can understand Haruhi’s melancholy. Despite a show in her namesake, Haruhi gets little action and has to masquerade as an unlikeable brat while her supporting dan members get to claim moe mileage with the audience. Both Yuki and Mikuru were awesome this ep. Heck, even the sweet Ryoko was so winsome in spite of her deadly intent.

My favourite Yuki moment has to be her fumbling for glasses after the battle. It’s one of those rare occasions where we detect that a faintly flustered Yuki who seemed fleetingly concerned with Kyon’s perception of her. Yes, the same Yuki who exuded icy nonchalance while dangling on multiple kebab skewers just moments ago. If I were Kyon, I would have chu-ed the most kawaii and megane-less Yuki there and then.

And let’s not forget our beautiful Mikuru onee-sama. For our bashful Mikuru chan to be so liberal with Kyon, it’s clear that her future relationship with Kyon is rather ‘developed’ (to the extent he’s able to point out minute birthmarks on vitals). Mikuru’s liaison with Kyon remains one of the high mysteries of Haruhi for me. I’m not really bothered by who Kyon is to Haruhi but Mikuru X Kyon intrigues me. I’m not sure what to make of onee-Mikuru’s final caution to Kyon. Is an attempt to suppress Haruhi’s jealousy or to prevent the seed of a taboo relationship (think sister or *gasp* daughter?) Personally, I suspect she gets to marry Kyon. After all she had asked the rhetorical question “When will I become an adult?” in her song [Asahina Mikuru no bouken] and I believe her question posed to Kyon in ep 3 “If I become ruined for marriage, would you take me?” contains the same self-fulfilling element.

Sigh, now I would have to choose between rooting for Mikuru as future wife or Kyon’s sister. Here’s hoping Haruhi saw DCSS…

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  1. Wouldn’t it be easier to assume that Mikuru is Kyon or Kyon’s sister’s grand daughter?

  2. Mikuru seems more oneechan than oneesama to me. My respect for Yuuko Gotoh grows – she’s really nailed down the role very very well, despite my dislike for the sweet type of moé, my heart still fluttered when she did her coy “kinsouku jikou desu!”

    Hmmm… I’m not so sure if Kyon and Mikuru get together because onee-Mikuru seems to miss Kyon. Which implies that she hasn’t seen in for a while in her own timeline.

    As for Yuki, absolutely fabulous scenes which make an excellent contrast with her ‘do nothing, say nothing’ in the previous episode. Still waters run deep…

  3. lol, last episode yuki was sitting around doing nothing during the sentence rehearsing by some other pple.

    i usually cant stand overly sweet sounding moes too. But mikuru is fun to listen to especially when she starts whimpering (bcos haruhi wants to force her into something again).

  4. wontaek: Hmm somehow that wouldn’t have the same dramatic impact and I’m guessing the author would want to exploit this plot-element to the fullest. Of course the level/definition of ‘dramatic impact’ differs for everyone. :)

    crimson: A part of me is hoping Mikuru would just crack and lunge at Haruhi during of the those cosplay-rapes, with the battlecry “shin jaeba ii!” Otherwise, terminating someone sweetly like Ryoko chan does it for me too. :)

    Zyl: Yeah I noticed onee-Mikuru was rather emotional during departure. Maybe Kyon’s dead in her timeline already. :P heh groundless speculations again.

  5. “shin jaeba ii~~~”
    i’m not sure if that phrase really means what the doujin strip in that link says.
    But my mind was able to sound off that phrase in mikuru’s voice effortlessly :P

  6. Mikuru FTW… too bad it is suzumiya haruhi no yuutsu and not asahina mikuru no yuutsu… sorry to dissapoint guys but i am sure mikuru is not gonna marry kyon… i am also pretty sure haruhi will give up her powers and mikuru, yuki and koisumi will cease to exist(or maybe not or rather i hope not)…. but really haruhi is starting to get on my nerves and how nice would it be if the show was named after mikuru….

    argg ok got that off my chest… i read entire vol 1-6 and i am sort of like OMGWTFBBQ… i probably can see how this show is gonna end too… with that said, found a wally on mikuru that fits this week’s ep really well. i do feel that her name on the bottom is abit extra though…. but too bad no photoshop to edit :(

  7. just done watching this episode.

    I wonder why mikuru came back from a further future again to hint to kyon something. I guess we need to watch that episode first and guess what what happens if he didnt think of snow white.

    so based on this episode, the probable events from pass to present:
    0. mikuru came to year (what about dimension??) where kyon existed
    1. mikuru and kyon did kinky stuff
    2. group met a situation where they failed to think of solution
    3. undesired outcome??
    alter4. mikuru returned to her time, case closed or not yet?
    alter5. mikuru did a case review and finally found solution?
    6. mikuru returns to before 1. but thought it was btw 1. and 2. at first and hinted (to minimise the effect of displacing the future?) to kyon about snow white (for hopeful new 3. to take place?) and dont get too close to her (to minimise emotional impact on mikuru when same 3. happens or when mikuru has to leave?)

    At first, the story says mikuru came from the future to investigate this year. Then a older mikuru came back to offer hints. Sounds like kyon is re-living a past. Anyway, i dunno if the author views time and event as something that occurred instantly (from birth to end of time, like a comic book instantly with an ending) or does everything has to happen at least once first.

    Well, senior mikuru sure matured more in terms of character (and..) :D

  8. Who do you prefer, the adult Mikuru or the young-girl Mikuru? How come this reminds me of debate between Kiri and Elis in Canvas2?

  9. it’s a time hole thingy. mikuru knows about the mole because kyon tells her after big mikuru told him. that’s why big mikuru knew and was able to tell kyon. aah, confusing right? it’s not because they had sex. he tells her “you have a mole on your breast”.

  10. yea i read the novels… through sources hint hint… kekeke anyway i am so lazy to type the entire timeline out but u can probably get one at the suki forums… mikuru is a complex character but one thing i must tell u all is that her superiors or the guys she is reporting to is non-other than her older self… and the part where it involves kyon and mikuru abt the mole also involves haruhi and it involves her a whole lot more… in the end SHnY is all about time getting messed up and haruhi showing her power as the creator of the world… later on even yuki has that power as she starts developing emotions and being a human interface was able to recre8 the power… oh noes i spoke too much.. anyway this season we will see non of that… the worse thing we will probably see in the end is kyon kissing haruhi… opps i shldn’t have said that but oh well…

  11. the below are just (wild) opinions:
    yeah, that could be the variation in this path’s direction.

    1. big miku comes back to tell kyon then kyon becomes aware b4 hand and eventually tells small miku.

    But if u keep rewinding, there should be a start for that. Like, maybe in the original path, kyon bumped into small miku and saw her mole then tells her and she considers that memorable and somewhat intimidate secrecy, then she returns home.
    Then small miku upgrades to big miku then went back later and decided to use that to proof that she’s big miku aka related to the small miku kyon bumped into at hill lvl long ago.
    That’s when things swayed from the original path, since, this will result in the fact of pt 1. above.

    similar outcome, yet the startup or catalyst is supposed to be different from the original path. So kyon’s attention is supposed to have shifted a little and the little actions could have changed (e.g. like kyon was supposed to grope his way on small miku find the mole but now he just thinks of a way to bump into small miku to confirm) though significant events may remain unchanged (kyon’s team mission failed and miku escaped back in time with case still open).

    If u mean that even in the initial and original path of events, kyon knows about the mole becos big miku told kyon and small miku knows about the mole becos he thought kyon noticed it without the knowledge that big miku visited kyon….then it sounds like it means the end was alrdy written when time was born at the same instant. I hope the author isnt hinging on this concept, lol.

  12. sorry stripey, my post count erupted the counter abit tonight, lol.

    noooo…my response to spoiler section somehow didnt came out…T_T

    *response to possible spoiler:*

    as i wanted to say, what big miku seem to mean haruhi being snow white who is oblivious of her environment whereby kyon and co’s are in problem. Cyw were u referring and confirming to this part?

  13. [Quote]
    Who do you prefer, the adult Mikuru or the young-girl Mikuru? How come this reminds me of debate between Kiri and Elis in Canvas2?

    Neither. :P I vote for Yuki.

  14. wrong skane! wontaek was talking about only mikuru! You cant do this otherwise i’ll be voting 10 votes for yuki in witch hat, lol.

  15. cyw1988: woah thanks for the pic.. it’s lovely as Mikuru always is. And haha your spoilers.. the snow white hint was fairly obvious so I kind of ‘expected’ the end too. :)

    wontaek: haha I’ll always remember what you said about 16 yr old blonde beauty mopping the floor with a 25 yr old any day. Actually it’s not really fair a comparison since adult Mikuru’s not as fleshed out as teenage Mikuru. It’s nice that adult Mikuru learns to be a bit more assertive but Mikuru being oh-so-vulnerable was never a flaw for me. In fact I’m under the impression that anyone with testosterone would risk an arm to keep her smiling. :P

    laura: Ah sounds like Haruhi takes the circular model of time travel where there’s no beginning and end to causality? Err, what was I saying again? :)

    crimson: haha no prob. Comment away. As to your spoiler question to cyw1988, I believe you’re spot on. :)

    Skane: Megane-less Yuki vs Meido-Mikuru… no human should be forced to make cruel choices such as these!? :P

  16. argg… i am thinking about getting the original japanese novels though… the taiwan ones i got from malaysia(cost like $8rm each) had crappy printing… gonna make a trip down to kinokuniya to search when i get back… :/ vol 7 where are u?!?!?! :(

  17. cyw1988>

    There’s even a volume 7?!
    my friend went to bookstore to ask and they told him there’s only 6 books for it..

  18. there is already vol 8…. ;) probably the taiwan version la… it stopped at 6… i am gonan get the authentic jap ones liao… taiwan one the printing cannot make it… :duh:

  19. not sure about that but i dun think the writers wanna end it so fast… since haruhi has topped harry potter book sales in japan… lol… anyway mikuru ftw.. hope she gets to be with kyon in the end… haruhi can be god and watch over the world for all i care whahaha but i guess she will soon learn abt her powers and grow up for once… :)

  20. i hope the anime will cover most of the important aspects or events in the novels (or improvish on it?). The art is there. The effects are pretty neat too. It would be a waste to do a skimpy work with its plot.

  21. Heh, I believe as long as the source is not as ambiguous as AIR’s ending, we should have decent closure for SHnY. Keeping fingers crossed.

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