Random rant ~Anime made me do it

I’m reading Hyperion, thanks to Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu… ok more specifically Yuki-chan. This is not the first time, anime has prompted me to venture outside of its sacred boundaries of fandom (typically characteristised by the ritualistic sacrements of DVD/manga purchases, anime figure worship and establishing shrines via anime-blogs), to dabble in secular activities such as reading a sci-fi book. I’m actually enjoying Hyperion for what it is rather than trying to second guess the book’s symbolism in SHnY. (Actually I don’t believe the book to be significant to the plot anyway.)

Nevertheless, it suddenly became interesting to think about all the non-anime related activities I got myself into due to anime. Well Zyl’s recent entries shows that I’m not alone here as his dinner dishes were inspired by SHUFFLE! and hmmm…. I’m suddenly gripped with an apprehension of seeing Zyl on “So you think you can dance” doing the Haruhi finger-twiddle… :P

Anyhow, here’s a few of my anime-inspired non-anime-related activities in my several years of dabbling in The Great Art.

Intellectual Pursuit

So many times has anime prompted me to do google/wikipedia searches resulting in an expansion of horizons beyond the scope of the series itself. The 2 examples I can remember (there’s definitely more) are firstly Matantei Loki Ragnarok and how it actually sparked my curiosity on Norse mythology causing an extensive reading. Second being Evangelion, which ignited a brief self-study on the Dead Sea Scrolls and the myth of Lilith.

Shaping RL perceptions/interactions

Themes in animes are often pick out and picked apart as my significant half and myself dwell on controversial issues that some of these series have brought up. The 2 topics we are currently wrestling with are the legitimacy/feasibility of siscon and the relativity of beauty (both in the RL context). Some differences in opinion but tentatively we have agreed on not putting our son and daughter in the same room, especially if they be twins.

I have also often been ‘accused’ of choosing a “most anime-like girl” for my life partner. Recently, someone even went as far to say she looks like Shirakawa Kotori even though we both know she’s more Nemu-ish inside.

Books spotlight

I remember borrowing Catcher in the rye from Zyl after seeing half of GITS – Standalone complex. Unfortunately, I’ve only read 5 pages of it. At least I’m doing much better with Hyperion. Was also tempted to pick up Anne of the green gables after watching ROD TV some time back.

Acquistion of new skills/abilities

I learnt Go after catching Hikaru no Go. No, not from the series itself since I skipped all the after-episodes lessons. I was just inspired to downloaded a free Go software, played and learnt. I also went for Japanese lessons years ago, not long after watching Love Hina in hope of starting a Japanese harem

Well, nothing very exciting really. Maybe if I were younger, I might have started an SOS dan on campus but for now, I’m just grateful for the occasional lay indulgence that anime permits.

17 thoughts on “Random rant ~Anime made me do it

  1. LOL, I was just thinking of going to Kinokuniya and get one as well. This is insane because I usually hate sci-fi books.

  2. I haven’t read Hyperion but from what I’ve heard/looked up/etc the symbolism relates to the ‘specs’ of the characters, i.e. there are ‘types’ of characters from Hyperion that are seemingly duplicated in the members of the SOS-dan.

  3. I’m kinda guilty of this kind of nerdom too. Last thing I did was look up “Stockholm Syndrome” on Wikipedia after watching the first episode of Black Lagoon after it was referenced. Pretty interesting stuff, really.

    I also really wanted to start running after watching Suzuka. And Tennis after watching Prince of Tennis. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been watching Gakuen Heaven…

  4. Gankutsuou inspired me to read The Count of Monte Cristo – all 1400+ pages of it!

    The things we do…

  5. Garten: From just the first few chapters, I’d definitely say go for it :) Hyperion seems to me like a collection of character-centred stories held weakly together by the over-arching premise. Not quite as cliched as some sci-fi I’ve read. You may enjoy this title after all.

    tj_han86: I got mine from a 2nd hand bookstore in Bras Basah but I recommend the National library. They still have copies the last time I checked. From the 3 chapters I’ve read, I’d recommend it. :)

    melange: Would be looking out for the correlations. Thanks for the tip. :)

    Hung: LOL! I would have thought Suzuka would have induced an urge to start high-jump instead. Now I remember how I wanted to try out some ‘Slam Dunk” moves after I read the manga years ago. :P

    Ren: O_o; My hat off to you! The things we do indeed… LOL! :P

  6. I-No (voice by that seiyuu who did bellandy’s voice) of guilty gear xx #reload inspired me to learn the electric guitar, hahaha.

  7. Stripey, Hyperion is only the first half. You need to read the Fall of Hypperion to get the 2nd half.

    I am suprise that hardly anyone is blogging Higurwashi(SP?). Does people have something agianst loli’s with bloody machettes?

  8. Stripey, The stories (story) in Hypperion are all tied together. as Xellos said above you have to finish the series.

    I read Hypperion years ago, and is Dan Simmon’s best work to date, his other series that I am half way through now is ‘Illium’ (sp?), not bad, but I hear the second book falls a bit flat.

    This type of scifi is ‘old school’, and maynot be for everyone, be warned anyone picking this up, this is not a book you can read a few pages a night and set it aside. The plot is more complicated that that :)

  9. Xellos-_^/Crimson: I’ve picked up Higurashi…. at ep 3 now and man I’m not sure I can survive the wait for the weekly eps. :) Utterly gripping stuff.

    daRAT: hehe yeah you’re right, I can’t put put it down every nite… I’m really looking forward to see how all the stories will tied up at the end. :)

  10. Mwha-ha-ha-ha, me > you!
    I was able to manage somewhat around 20 pages of The Catcher.
    I know very clever people who are fascinated by the thing, but it’s the overall mood, ideas and atmosphere what they like, not the writing or plot itself… (was there a plot, anyway?) I can’t see any reason to devote such a serious social study as GITS to such a …erm, controversial book. I see only a blind | stupid fascination japanese people have for everything “engrish & amerikan”.
    I mean, man, just look at all that dated american 60th aesthetics in “Innocence”, vixed with cinophilic motives. Have they no their own culture? Major fights to the death and… quotes Salinger. Not the bloody Nietzsche, or brilliant Kant, Goedel or Kirkegaard, note even Sartre, note you. Catcher in the rye my ass. …
    What a shame. It seems that japanese nation is not going to culturally evolve after it’s golden age (Heian era 900-1100 AD) at all…

  11. LOL! you win! Actually I don’t know enough to comment on cultural imports. But I guess there is some form of illogical fascination and subsequent localisation of foreign ideas which in the process may make it into a laughing stock. I’m not saying it’s happening in GITS. But certainly seeing the hollywood Dead or Alive movie preview, some things should just stay within their cultural context. :P

  12. So darned true -_-
    E.g. we here just love to see things japanese people imagine about russia.
    They generally know nothing (except “it’s cold in there”, save for they have the same climate in Tokyo as we do in Moscow, even worse…), so they have to make things up for a given project. And the end result can be delightfully funny (recent Blood+ russian escapade was a balst!)

    And because japanese have a lot of very pecuilar ideas about american reality along with immense love for that Magickal Wonderland their pop culture created, I think americans get even more laughstock to have fun with…

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