Anime tribute ~ Losers in love

For you, Elis chan….

I just saw Canvas2 ep 22 and my heart aches for Elis. Anime bishoujos who doesn’t get their guys always get to me. Maybe it’s that all too familiar feeling of being the underdog in love or just intense indignation from seeing such lovely ladies suffer the pain of rejection. No one so beautiful should hurt so much. If there’s any consolation, beautiful losers in love often make deep impressions, even overshadowing their victorious rivals sometimes (usually the lead of the series).

Anyhow, here’s a tribute to 10 anime bishoujos who wounded my heart as their’s were rend asunder by rejection.

Spoiler alert for Da Capo, DCSS, SHUFFLE!, Kiminozo, Onegai Twins/Teacher, Saikano, Kanon, Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi, Honey and Clover and FMP TSR.

#10 Minase NayukiKanon

Yuichii’s callous treatment of Nayuki sickened me. Of course I’m not too pleased with Toei’s treatment of her story arc either. Hopefully KyoAni’s Kanon will address that.

#09 Onodera KarenOnegai Twins

Unfortunately she disqualified herself from the race by claiming sisterhood. If Onegai Twins sees a remake, things might be different since twincest seems to be in nowadays.

#08 AkemiSaishuu Heiko Kanojyo

One of the saddest confessions in anime.

#07 Herikawa KoishiOnegai Teacher

I rooted for Herikawa right from the start but since it’s not Please! Dokyuusei, a futile exercise it was.

#06 Yoshino SakuraDa Capo

Normally a love of such intensity from an irresistibly lolicious girl would reap instant victory. Unfortunately Junichi’s a siscon more than a lolicon.

#05 Tina FosterAoi Yori Aoshi Enishi

The true tragedy is that Kaoru will never know Tina’s feelings.

#04 Teletha Testarossa (Tessa)Full Metal Panic TSR

It breaks my heart to see a fabulous girl like Tessa play the 2nd fiddle.

#03 Fuyou KaedeSHUFFLE!

She offered unconditionally her heart, mind and body but was rejected. I cannot even begin to imagine the devastation inflicted on her residual self-esteem.

#02 Yamada AyumiHoney and Clover

Ayu showed me how love can become a cancer as intense emotions turns and gnaws on the heart. Pls Nomiya! Cure Ayu soon!

#01 Shirakawa Kotori DCSS

I predict Kotori would have only 3 picoseconds of singlehood if she were to appear in RL. In fact I suspect she’ll start wars as men everywhere stake all to claim her. Yet in the anime realm, she’s a loser in love. THERE IS NO JUSTICE!!!! DIE Junichi DIE!

Special mention to the Suzumiya sisters (Haruka and Akane) who lost graciously to their best friend/precious mentor. Really, all these fabulous girls deserve better but we know that truly, there’s no justice in love, on Earth or in anime.

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  1. Whoa, ok how can this list leave out Lunamaria Hawke? Not only does her sister steal her crush (he ran away from her in a Gouf!), but she ends up with a heavy dose of emo-Shinn. I’ll leave that pun as your punishment.

  2. As the resident Lunamaria fanboy, I’d say Stripey probably left her out precisely because she seems happy with Shinn. But Lunamaria-Athrun interaction was pure love/harem comedy during her Zaku phase as opposed the latter “Impulse” (and lobotomised) phase.

    And one of the things I liked about t Suzuka (the anime series and the manga NOT the character) was that it portrayed how people fall in and out of love and that feelings do change – it’d be good to see more dynamism in anime relationships as opposed to the cliché of getting hung up for life over lost love. Esp over some loser harem lead.

  3. Stripey, watch the rest of Canvas2 is all I have to say. =/

    Much agreement with Kabitzin on not adding Lunamaria to the list. I still say Lunamaria and Athrun could have work if she didn’t try so hard. Seems like to get to Athrun, you have to slowly worm your way into his heart. Just look at Kira, Cagalli, and Meyrin. None forcefully attached themselves to Athrun but he eventually made them closest to him (abeit Kira is Athrun’s BL, Cagalli sorta saved him from eternal depression, and Meyrin just happened to be caught in his escape). Taking Shinn, instead, seems like 2nd place and we all know Lunamaria derserves better than that!

    Pretty much agree with your list otherwise Stripey. Funny how there are two DC/DCSS girls on the list eh? ;)

    BTW, I’m still waiting for that Gundam SEED Destiny harem-comedy spin off dang it!

  4. oh wait, i have fmp tsr…just need to find time to watch it.
    *adds honey and clover to his hunting list*

  5. Pity is not a good reason to like a character.

    Otherwise it becomes a contest of who is more miserable.

    Anyway, a Tsuyokiss anime is announced. You might not know what it is, but let’s just say it has enough sister action to appease the sanfransiscon in all of us.

  6. I have to admit, the second that Akemi barfed up blood, the scene just became so overwhelmed with excess that it went over the line and I actually started laughing.

  7. This is a great list! The only change I would throw in would be including a Love Hina character (Shinobu perhaps).

  8. I suspect that you’re gonna be in for a big shock eventually, Stripey. Won’t say more than that.

    A girl who deserves a special mention IMHO is Ayase Takako from Midori no Hibi. If I go by the scoring system “who did I root for most, against all obvious odds, and whose loss affected me most”, she’d be up very very high on my list. I remember when there was much commotion on the boards after Ayase finally confessed in the manga, with all the yells “YES!” and “GO FOR IT!” and “Aww, PLEEEASE” followed by a collective “Aww noooooo” of disappointment afterwards.

    Ayase on the list!

  9. About canvas2, this is how I feel. I always tried to be rational and controlled but….


    As for Kotori, in all aspect I picture her to be more attractive girl compared to a certain Sister-in-law of mine. I can tell you, in real life, my sister-in-law’s mere presence has started fights amongst males, broken 20 years of friendship, and almost started an international event, that thankfully was prevented by her hasty retreat, she got married to a dentist now, to remote part in West Coast. Seeing some of these with my own eyes, and believing Kodori to be superior to my sister-in-law, I can say with strong conviction that Kodori is capable of starting another Trojan War if she existed in real life. There is a famous word in Chinese that describe her; Beauty capable of destroying an empire, ????(????). Of course, she might be able to prevent this with her telepathic ability, however. To tell the truth, she is too good for Junichi; someone needs to go through test like Aragorn ( She shall not be the bride of anyMan less than King of both Gondor and Arnor: Return of the King, Appendix A ) to win her hand.

  10. Kabitzin: LOL! Actually when I was drafting this post, Meyrin was on the list but no Luna! :P She’s not on the list because I figured she did have a bf even though that probably made her the biggest loser fit to top this list. :P

    Zyl: Ah… looks like I have to finish Suzuka then.. :) Actually I like realism in certain anime but when it comes to my favourite girls, I irrationally long for them to be utterly steadfast in love yet I lament their silly devotion unto undeserving guys. Talk about conflicting standards… :)

    Moyism: I have not forgotten the beautiful Athrine you posted back at Life line by line. Maybe we can have a MushyMushy Girl-meets-Gundam. Instead of balding, a side-effect of SEED-mode could be gender change. It’ll be hilarious to see Athrun’s harem, Kira and maybe even Shinn hit on Athrun-turned Athrine….

    Crimson: FMP TSR and Honey and Clover should get priority on that list of yours :)

    T_I: Woohoo! Thanks for the heads-up on Tsuyokiss. :) It’s not out of sheer pity that tragic characters touch me. Most of them are beautiful and have wonderful personalities which makes you wonder what did they do to deserve heartbreaks. :)

    jpmeyer: Haha! I confess that I too laugh at a lot of parts in Saikano… But I didn’t for Akemi’s confession :P

    deftoned: I’m sooo glad you mentioned Shinobu! Actually she’s not on the list cos I couldn’t get a cap of her! LOL! She’s definitely my fav character in Love Hina and I was actually rooting for her despite the null odds. ;)

    Mentar: Ah yes! Ayase! I remember I was pretty smitten by her too. She had a LOT more personality than Midori. Unfortunately I didn’t finish the series. Yes, she deserve to be on this list from the 10 eps of Midori no Hibi I’m seen. :)

    Wontaek: Wow! For anyone in RL to be even compared partially to Kotori is unthinkable. Her husband is a very blessed man. :) I believe Kotori has already started an ongoing war among DC fans who can be generally classified as Kotori fan, non-Kotori fan. Pity the blood of Numenor does not flow in me else I would crush both factions and claim Nemu as queen of Gondor and Kotori queen of Shire… (yes we needs to hides her great beauty from the All-seeing-eyes) :P

  11. hmm… i think the part where akemi confesses was the only part, besides the end of the last episode, that really moved me in saikano [and got me to head out and buy the boxset (though, sadly, none of the dvd art, as all 13 episodes are on 2 dvd's instead of 4...)]… hmm… watched aoi yori aoshi, but never watched enishi… hmm… need to get that done soon…

    @wontaek: wow… to be compared as such must be daunting… sadly, “The only girls who dye their hair pink are goth or emo…”… ya… forgot where i got that, but its the sad truth ;_;

    good list though!

  12. hmm yup watch the rest of canvas 2 thats all i have to tell you… ^^ i was rooting for hagino though

  13. My sister-in-law has some problems that I won’t go into, but for some reason, those problems are not easily visible to eyes of most males. Suffice to say I am much happier with my wife ( did I mention that my wife’s favorite character is Lafiel Abriel in Banner of Stars and Yoko in Twelve Kingdoms? ) instead of my sister-in-law ( she despises anime and people who like anime, so I guess the anime character that resembles her the most would be Saki in Genshiken ).

    Stripey: All-seeing-eyes! great line, but why settle for Nemu? I’m sure there are better choices for your public queen.

    kablaq: Pink, purple, blue, and green hair can never work in reality. Shiny Blond and Jet black hairs do work well in Anime and real life, though.

  14. kablaq: Thanks! :) If you had liked Tina in Ai Yori Aoshi, enishi’s a must-watch :)

    cyw1988: I like the Hagino eps a lot too. :) I wished there were more emphasis on Tomoko… she’s one of the hottest goth-lolis to come out in years. :) Am downloading the raw now…. Didn’t dare to read Omni’s entry on it either, after seeing his opening line… :P

    wontaek: I think it’s so wonderful you watch anime with your wife…. :) Can’t seem to get my other half to be half as passionate as I am on anime. Maybe I should stop feeding her harem series… :P Nemu is not the type to fell cities or men like Kotori would. I certainly wouldn’t want Faramir to murder me in my sleep over my queen. :P

  15. Maybe Axela in Soltyrei series? Her cooking and computer skills can really be handy. Her voice being done by Noto Mamiko is a big plus as well.

  16. Hmmm… one series that seems to have been completly missed out.

    ‘Kimi ga Nozomu Eien’!

    Not even a metion ‘Suzumiya Haruka’ by anyone.

    Discuss? ^^

  17. wontaek: Oh I didn’t catch solty rei… but to have a character of the calibre befitting a Gondor queen sounds like a good reason to start it. :)

    KSamurai: Hehe I did mentioned the Suzumiya sisters… kind of like a footnote. :) I felt more for Akane than Haruka though. :P

  18. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien – sutch a dissapointing ending i was roughting for Akane aswell. Anyway SHUFFLE!’s Fuyou Kaede was a good chose, since she was compleatly-compleatly rejected, however i think Love Hina’s – Otohime Mutsumi would be first. Oh and i found a nifty flash game for Love Hina (warning its done well but lots of swares). Oh and FMP Fumoffu! was better then FMP TSR for romance. ;P This is a grate list now theres a few siries i have yet to watch hehe thanks a million. :)

  19. stripey, a word of warning about Axela; I mentioned her as a type who has enough talent to be useful, but not too much to be a waste as a queen. I also thought about Raquel from Scrapped Princess, but my wife mentioned that Raquel has too much talent that it would be waste of resourse to make her a queen instead of Minister of Magic Department. Raquel a;sp has a possibility of turning any meeting with the ministers into magic comic circus. Also Axela is someone who isn’t beautiful enough to inspire jealosy, but not someone whose physical attractiveness would be considered as a negative quality, so chances are more likely that you will find her boring and uninspiring. It is bit challenging to fins someone who has talents to be useful, but not too much to be a waste, who is pretty enough to be pleasant, yet not tooo gorgeous to bring about envy. Tough choices, but I’m afraid Nemu has some thorns in her personality that might rub the people the wrong way. This is a subject I occasionally talk about with my wife as she is much into a recent Korean TV drama called ‘The Palace’ which is about alternate world where Korean Monarch somehow was able to escape the clutch of Japanese occupiers and able to retain enough influence to make present Korea, a constitional monarch in model similar to Britain. In the series, we see a naive girl becoming the bride of crown prince, and this has led to talk about who would make a good queen who is without any real power, but would constantly be in public’s eye thus capable of having some influence. Ach, it get too complicated from this point. Anyway do watch Soltyrei, as it is a good scifi series, reminiscent of sfs by Joe Haldeman or Robert Heinlein, but forget about Axela.

  20. Mist: Alrite! Fellow Akane fan! :) Thanks for the link.. it’s really well-made. Will have a go at it soon :) I enjoyed Fumoffu too. Beautiful animation, hilarious hijinks (KyoAni FTW!) but I was fairly disappointed that the characters esp Chidori and Sasuke didn’t developed their relationship. TSR saw good mileage in this aspect for both Tessa and Chidori. I’m hoping for a 3rd raid :)

    wontaek: Thanks for the heads up! Will try to preview solty rei then :) After reading your thoughts about the public queen, Sawachika Eri suddenly came to mind… :)

  21. Eri would prefer to rule over you instead of rule with you. Yakumo maybe better choice, except she also has some fanatical following.

  22. Actually Eri needs to get more mentally mature instead of being tamed. Good Luck!

  23. I totally agree with Kotori being first. She’s the greatest but noooo Junnichi had to choose stupid Nemu who’s sooo irriatating. I was so happy in the second season with no Nemu but they she returned and spoiled the series. Bah!

  24. Warpshadow: I certainly hope so! :) But I’m not sure it would be achieved through Mayama or Nomiya.. :P

    Aluria: Haha! Actually I’m a huge Nemu fan from Season 1 but even I believe she shouldn’t have come into Season 2 (too early anyway). It’s odd but I’m a HUGEr Kotori fan for Season 2 and even so, I believe she shouldn’t have won Junichi even though she deserved a much better fight. A Junichi who flipflops in love and willing hurt/leave Nemu is undeserving of Kotori’s love. That’s the dilemma of liking someone attached…. heh just rambling.. :)

  25. There can be no love story as tragic as Haruka’s in Kiminozo – who had a near-fatal accident only to wake up living a lie; who was betrayed by her best friend in body and her sister in spirit; who, thwarted by fate, was unable to lose her virginity to the one she loves. With all her might she worked to achieve her dream in love. And though she was successful for a short period of time, Haruka’s story hauntingly reminds us that hard work cannot overcome destiny in the game of love.

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