Fate/Stay Night 12

So you’ve finally figured out that Shinji has a
Weapon of Mass Haremstruction program? /
Well done, baka Shirou has learnt Shinji’s true identity -
Kim ‘I’m so ronery’ Jong Il!

Excuse me, but I have a harem to build. /
I propose we invade Matouland first and find proof of WMH later.

Bah, evidence schmvidence… I’m a warrior not a United Animedom arms inspector! / Sleeping on my lap will +1 to CON. Can’t help you on INT though.

Transform into Golden Saber-copter (cf. Fate Daioh)! I’ll get you for sure, Gianni Versace!

The Loli in the Lobby by Ecchi Lovecraft

“Curse your giant golden strap-on! I will return!” said Rau Le Crueset.
“Noooo, it’s not fair! Don’t fall asleep after you’ve had your fun, Saber!”
[And sooo funny when Rider and Saber were shouting their Noble Phantasm
names like they were in Streetfighter or something.]

All the pretty girls are belong to me. / Boxcutter, boxcutter, wherefore art thou, boxcutter?

Taiga-nee unwisely challenges the King Knight of The Dinner Table.

♥ Taiga-nee, will you marry me!? ♥

9 thoughts on “Fate/Stay Night 12

  1. hahaha… indeed, f/sn 12 was… interesting… sad to see rider go though… they should have had more fun with her character… XD

    lol… now that i remember, when saber was attacking, i wanted to yell out “HADOKEN” right at that moment… seemed fiting…

  2. More like, Shinkuu Hadokennnn.

    But I gotta agree that FSN 12 kicked ass.

    The best scene is the Rin at the Matou Mansion. Definetely.

    ANd next looks interesting. Hmmm, Rin and Saber alone sitting in a tree.

  3. If Berserker is loli, I’d hate to see your definition of butch. @_@

    And on the subject of wrongness…

    First, go to http://www.badgerbadgerbadger.com/.

    Now… replace “Badgers” with “Saber,” “Mushroom” with “Shirou” and “Snake” with “Rin.” It’s fun! >8D

  4. kablaq – Eeeexactly!

    Demon Eyes – See Dav’s comment. ;)

    W4 – Ilya is in the bottom left of the screenie. Maybe they should have given her glowing red eyes too. And what was those Badger badger badger pple smoking?

    Dav – Actually I was thinking: F-C-U-K-I-N-G. LOL

  5. “Hmmm, Rin and Saber alone sitting in a tree.”

    Hey, we can all dream. ;p

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