Mai Otome 22

The whole Sergey-Arika-Nina thing made me pretty squeamish. The ease with which Aswad overran Fia and co was a tad too much of a cakewalk even if one could excuse it by saying that Shizuru is one of the top Otome. Another Nina Otousama temper tantrum and big explosion was tiresome. But Evil Tomoe was enjoyable.

I also liked how her gloating about Ers-chan galvanised Arika. If Ers-chan does rematerialize, I think it would be so much better if Arika then forgets all about Sergey and tries to date Ers. As a result, Nina realizes what she’s been blind to and is now missing out on. Bingo, romantic rivalry with Arika while Ers is torn between the two! Shizuru and Natsuki look on approvingly. LOL Meanwhile Sergey can play house with Rena.

Chie’s WTF!? expressions did get a laugh out of me. Would be great if she gets to do more cool stuff. Also the way she’s drawn in Otome has been rather more… handsome than in Hime. Hope that she and Aoi can have a happy ending.


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  1. You’re missing one thing here – the onsen scenes with Miyu next week. I mean, the episode was short on plot… but longer on Evil Tomoe, which is probably one of the best parts of the latter half of the series.

  2. Not that I’m making excuses but, I think this is the first time we’ve seen Aswad in action without the plot getting in the way. Everybody referred to their fearsome reputation, but this is the first time we’ve seen them live up to it.

    Where were they hiding this Tomoe and why didn’t she show up 15 episodes ago? And I still need to hear a cackle.

    This is a rhetorical question: How come Sergey and Arika can talk about Nina and her feelings, but Nina and Sergey never do? Answer: because bad communication skills are the foundation of melodrama. LOL. I’m thinking Ep 25/26 we’ll finally get the father/daughter talk they should have had 20 episodes ago.
    Also, the whole Arika/Sergey/Nina triangle is obviously a message from SUNRISE: Surround him with lithe, nubile 14-15 year olds and even the most holiest of men become lolipedofins.

    I had become so enamored with the idea of Aoi, martial arts master, riding out of the desert on a condor that I was disappointed to see her all bandaged up like Rei. For that I blame you, Zyl. LOL.

    With the combined appearances of Miyu and Mai that sound you hear in the background is the simultaneous nerdgasms of fanboys around the world. ;) SUNRISE has mastered the art of misdirection.
    SUNRISE: “Don’t look too closely at the writing. Look, here’s Miyu and Mai.”
    Fanboy: (Drools) . . .

  3. Good point on Aswad’s reputation though I also suspect that because of the long peace since the War of the Dragon King, they don’t make Otome like they used to.

    Yeah, Rie Tanaka has really cornered the seiyuu market for the crazed evil ladies. Soooo good. Even her “I’ll definitely kill you!” at the end of the preview dialogue was a treat – though the prize for comic timing was Miyu’s “Ah, nice body.”

    If Aoi was the Little Dragon Maiden, then Chie would be Yang Guo. *mind boggles* But now we know that Miyu is Dugu Qiubai. ;)

    Now that Mai (and her ramen) has returned, we’ll also probably see more Mikoto glompin’ the boobies.

    I wonder if Arika’s obaachan has anything to do with Mikoto and Mai? – though it’s clear that Miyu knew her.

  4. That’s from one of extras I think on DVDs.


    I wonder how much one of those GOLDEN FEATHERS cost!!


    It’s raining go’ fe’(Golden Feathers)
    It’s raining go’ fe’


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