FATE/Stay Night 4

“Don’t be a hero.”

Saith many a wise instructor in my army days

And I would like add, for Shiro’s benefit, “Especially if you are a noobie sorceress with paltry magical powers.” It seems to be the trend for beautiful girls in harem anime or h-games to like worthless guys who possess only high aspirations/good intentions but little ability to realise them. Don’t get me wrong, I like Shiro. He’s got backbone. He just doesn’t know how brittle they are.

In just 4 eps of FATE, I have grown to love its premise (the Battle royale and granting of wishes by the Holy Grail) and see great potential in the story if executed right. After Mai HiME, I seem to have a penchant for battle royales. The fluid shifts of powers through alliances and treachery in such multi-way fights often heighten the drama and greatly ups the emotional ante if old comrades/loves are involved. The story element of Holy grail granting wishes is likely to create a fertile platform for character backstories as we learn of the wishes and motivations of each character’s desire for the Grail; some tragic, some evil and others noble no doubt. I’m actually looking forward to Ilya’s backstory since she smells of tragedy.

I’m also slowly warming up to Saber though she reminds me a little of Mikoto (Mai HiME) with her “teki” (enemy) talk and Chikane (Kannazuki no Miko) everytime she speaks. There is no doubt her English charms will eventually find their way to my heart. However, as of now, Sakura is still my favourite FATE girl and I guess I’ll absorb Sakura into my little “harem” first before I ‘own’ Saber.

Now on to placing my order. :)

7 thoughts on “FATE/Stay Night 4

  1. > It seems to be the trend for beautiful girls in harem anime or h-games to like worthless guys who possess only high aspirations/good intentions but little ability to realise them.

    So if I were a harem anime lead, I should have at least a dozen beauties!!! LOL

    In any case, it looks like Fate/Stay Night has reignited your anime blogging fire!

  2. Brother, brother… you think too lowly of yourself. :) You are actually wrong on 2 accounts. Let your pal of 17 yrs enlighten you. 1st, you are hardly of ‘low ability’. (Unless it’s your inability to finish your bowl of bah cho mee which I have to concur. :P) 2nd, you never have good intentions….. LOL!

    Ok ok.. was kidding! Actually I believe the real reason is for our failures to ‘start’ harems is that we just don’t have the face/charms for it. :)

  3. 17 years! OMFG, it *has* been that long!

    I’m actually quite proud of your 2nd observation – unlike Google, my motto is “Be Evil.” LOL And I do miss the feeling of lard flowing thru my veins from a good bowl of BCM!

    While I found F/SN Ep 4 kinda boring, all the girls are starting to grow on me. Rin is great fun to watch and listen to, as is Saber with her stern martial artist demeanour and “He is My Master!?” perplexment. Surprisingly even Sakura, whom I’d normally dismiss as a doormat type character, is becoming interesting – she’s emanating creepy vibes with her nose for blood!

  4. yes bro… you know it’s too long when we begin to rub our anime-related complexes off each other :P Tai Hwa BCM on lunar new year hols. I want to eat also don’t have :)

    Quiet types seem to be viewed with much suspicion after the “Kaede incident”. After all many serial killers are the quiet, unassuming ones. But I like to think it is Sakura’s purity of heart that gives her that heightened sensitivity to violence. :)

  5. worthless guys have much more rooms for development :P

    else, it seems like overpowered characters that appear right from the start usually awaits to be dethroned or to be sacrificed gloriously.

    Anyway, i dont ask for much, just a Saber and “niiiiiiiii-sama~~” will do.

  6. oh no crimson! siscon got you too?! :PP You are absolutely right. Unfortunately many harem series pay so much attention to the girls that they neglect the male lead, rendering them worthless all throughout the series. I don’t really consider Emiya to be thoroughly useless. Just clueless about his mortality :)

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