Yamibou 3

The first half of this episode links up with the first half of Ep 1 – it deals with Hazuki’s arrival in the Great Library and meeting Lilith who fancies her because she has some of Yami’s essence. Yami (darkness?), as the sub notes tell us, was the protector of the Great Library and, as Ken-chan tells us, loved and left Lilith. It turns out that Hatsumi is an incarnation of Eve whom Lilith would like to come back to the library. Though Hazuki is not enthused, she needs Lilith’s help to travel from world to world.

Well, Hazuki was shown to have at least one female admirer in school during the first episode. Somehow just got Sakaki-Kaorin vibes from that particular encounter.

I suppose the mix-up in the chronology was a way of leading the series straight into action and then explain things as events develop. Quite a fine line to tread – balancing against the twin pitfalls of the audience becoming bogged down with details or going WTF is going on? I’m also guessing that the series writers are assuming many Japanese viewers would already have some idea of what is going on from the eroge.

In any case, it took me quite a while to realise that the title wasn’t “Yami, Hat and the Traveller of Books” but “Yami, Hat and Book: The Travellers” – partly because I thought if it were the latter case, then shouldn’t it be “tabibitotachi”? In any case, the subs tell us that Yami, Hat and Book are the names of characters in the eroge. So I’m assuming that Hazuki corresponds with Yami but beyond that I’m not sure.

The second half deals with another recurring theme (hinted at the latter half of Ep 2), namely Garu (Gargantua) who, as a boy, loved Jill (another Eve avatar) in a psycho-possessive sort of way. On the eve of her 16th birthday, Jill is stabbed by Garu as she defended Ritsuko from a jealous Garu and then disappears in an extended flash of green light. Like Hazuki, both have now been bathed in the light of the Door of Eve.

I’m wondering how Garu turned from angry young boy with catapult to prancing prat in tights. I always find myself going scrunchy faced when he appears in the latter mode.