Mai HiME 06

Who would have thought our klutzy waitress is actually a combat-savvy HiME incognito. Enter Sugiura Midori, who serves destruction to screeching Orphans and dessert to screaming children, in the same uniform.

It’s easy to like Midori who is intelligent, easy on the eyes, effervescent and a competent fighter. I especially love her voice which bears a kind of ubiquitous resonance. Kudos to Tamura Yukari chan (who is one of Stripey’s seiyuu himes together with Kawasumi Ayako, Horie Yui and Nakahara Mai) for her fabulous performance. In addition, her support mecha can do plenty of nifty attacks as opposed to Natsuki’s Dhuran whose most powerful assault seems to be the frenzied headbutt. It puzzles me too why Natsuki has not given up on her puny pistols. I have yet to see it as much as tickle the Orphans. I would pick Mikoto’s Miroku over Natsuki’s peashooter any day.

Although this ep is mostly character intro, we do get a slice of good action and the sowing of some story elements, of which, the most notable would have to be Mai’s yakusoku to Shiho. Personally I felt Sunrise was never really good in the romance department. Yes, they design fantastic female characters but the theme of love has always taken a secondary place to action and story in their productions. Nevertheless, in view of the excellent ep 5, I’m hoping for the same emotional finesse to be injected in Mai/Yuuichi’s love story. It may be just a side-dish but I sure hope they would at least make it a memorable one.