Random Rant ~Gundam and Quantum mechanics

Yes, I’m alive. It’s a miracle considering I survived a week without connectivity to cyberspace and a devastating midterm test on nano-engineering (the segment on quantum mechanics fried my brains). My com finally give up on me and no amount of alchemy magic could revive it this time. This entry is brought to you by my new budget system (Intel P4 2.4Ghz 512mb ram w 160Gb hdd, all under 800SGD). A BIG BIG thank you to morit who took half day off work only to OT at my place. :)

For someone who needs his daily anime fix, having a dead computer full of anime is like dying of thirst in the open sea. Thankfully, a fren had very graciously loaned me his Gundam Wing DVDs. And so the week passed with little foaming at the mouth as I reveled in Gundam and revised quantum physics (though I was bleeding a lot from the ears, a result of chronic brain short-circuiting). It was an irony of sorts. Here I was told at nano-scale, materials break out of classical physics into the somewhat superior quantum behaviour and I see 60-ft Gundams breaking every known Newtonian law. There must be a gundam regime we don’t know about. Either that, Gundams are made out of carbon nanotubes.

Gundam Wing strengthened my immense faith in SUNRISE productions. It’s a truly excellent series. The pace is neck-breaking (though choppy at times) and the action, stunning (even for a 1995 production) The story is thoroughly gripping and its plot is addictively convoluted. The characters are absolutely fascinating and engaging. They each possess their unique personalities despite having a huge cast. As of ep 22, I would say Wing is better than SEED in terms of story and character development.

With a deadline for a term paper looming and a huge backlog of anime series to download, I think I would just stick with trying to complete Gundam Wing instead of embarking on new fall series. That would mean Cagalli and Athrun (GS destiny) would have to wait. For now, Relena and Heero takes centrestage.