Girls BRAVO 02

Ignorance is not bliss. Cluelessness is not cute

(Taken from 101 Un-useless Quotes from Anime Blogs)

Ignorance describe a state. States can be changed. Stupidity, on the other hand, is conferred through an innate ability and much harder to overcome. That said, an ignoramus is not necessarily stupid nor a fool, ignorant. But the 2 separate spheres occasionally intersect when excessive ignorance results in extreme stupidity. I’m sorry but Miharu is soooo clueless, she’s comes across as dumb. Maybe they are trying to bring across her unbridled moe-ness but honestly it’s carried so far that she seems to have the moral/ethical awareness of a 4 yr old. Oh, I guess that’s nice when she’s inhabiting a full-blown 18 yr old body in an ecchi series.

As far as I’m concerned, Kirie is the only saving grace to the series. Her bento efforts were sweet and her kimochi was conveyed subtly from the numerous band-aids on her fingers in the fleeting shower scene. Unfortunately, this aspect was not built upon in ep 4. On the contrary, Kirie was depicted as not exactly very bright, having been easily fooled into a uniform and subsequently perform nursing duties. Man, do the girls in the series have any grey matter at all?

Girls Bravo really got me thinking about ecchi series. I realised I do enjoy limited ecchi-ness if it’s structured and built upon the existing story infrastructure. Such ecchi elements tend to accentuate the texture of the series and serves only to spice but never to distract from the story. Ecchi for the sake of ecchi, on the other hand, often have no basis, thus it tends to be haphazard and usually amounts to nothing noteworthy for contribution to the series. As of Ep 4, Girls Bravo’s ecchi element comes across as the latter for me. Nevertheless, I still have high hopes for Girls Bravo. There were some genuine priceless moments that left me in stitches (for example, Kosame/Kirie’s ‘doki doki’ encounter). I guess if I learnt how to enjoy the mindless ecchi madness, Girls Bravo will probably be an excellent avenue of unwinding after a long day.